The Fight For Human Rights

When it comes to human right and individual liberties. Thor Halvorssen has found his purpose and passion in life. He is deeply involved in this cause and it has been a part of him his entire life.

Thor was born and grew up in Venezuela. His father was a drug czar with the Venezuelan government. While working there, he stumbled upon some government corruption that was taking place. For his discovery, this man was sent to a Carcus prison and was tortured there. Thor’s mother was a political activist as well. She was participating in an anti-Hugo Chavez demonstration and was shot and wounded. Her shooting was caught on television during a live broadcast. Thor also has a cousin that is currently in a Venezuelan jail for political issues.

Human rights issues have been a part of Thor’s life since he was born. In his adult life, he has become an active participant for the cause. In 2005, he founded the Human Rights Foundation, or HRF, as an outlet to aid in his quest. This foundation is based in New York City and is very vocal. The people involved in this foundation is very small but they are making sure their voices are heard.

When Thor started HRF, this was his opportunity to put his talk into action. He has himself been in the middle of fights for his cause and has the bruises to prove it. He has also been featured in many large publications such as The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Thor has also been on many television stations such as Fox News, CNN, and HBO.

Thor Halvorssen may only be one man but he has dedicated his entire life to human rights and individual liberties. He practices what he preaches and has done all he can to fight against brutal dictatorships. This is a long fight but Thor will be a part of this battle every step of the way.

A Brief on Who George Soros is

George Soros is a shrewd businessman and is famously known for his Soros Fund Management. Besides, he also has an influence on American politics and is one of the most active philanthropists in the world.

Though an American citizen, George Soros was born is Hungary and was given the names Gyorgy Swartz, but later changed his names to George Soros when he migrated to England. His career in finance began in London after joining the London School of Economics where he was a student of Karl Popper. Immediately after finishing his undergraduate studies, George Soros moved to New York in 1956 where he began his career in finance. His first employment in New York was as an arbitrage trader on for a firm called F.M. Mayer where he worked for three years. He then moved to Wertheim & Co where he worked as a financial analyst. He worked there till 1963. After leaving Wertheim & Co at, he moved to Arnhold and S Bleichroeder where he held the position of vice-president for ten years.

He did not get satisfied working for other people, and that is why he quit employment to start his firm, Soros Fund Management, which has grown to become one of the world’s best and most profitable hedge fund companies. Apart from the Soros Fund Management, George Soros also founded the Open Society Foundation whose objectives are to promote political causes, economics, and social reforms. Other initiatives that the foundation supports are in the area of the rule of law, education, and independent media.

George Soros is also known for his philanthropic gestures. He carried out his first philanthropy activity in 1979, but this was just a small one. It is only five years later that he launched a philanthropic organization. He named the organization Open Society Foundation, a name that he borrowed from a concept that was advanced by Karl Popper. The concept is to help build democracies that are vibrant and tolerant and whose governments could be held responsible to the people they serve. The amount of money that he disseminated for philanthropic causes was not much until in 1987 when he opened his Moscow office when he spent about $3 million. By the year 1992, he had spent more than $300 million. By 1992, he had established several foundations mostly in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. And because of this, many political figures became interested in him. Today, George Soros Open Society Foundation is present in more than 70 countries.

George Soros is an ardent supporter of politics that is progressive and liberal on Forbes. He has given several donations for various political causes, and one of the notable ones is the Democrats support in 2004 elections. He contributed 20 million US dollars to America Coming Together and $3 million to the Center for America Progress.

He has written several books on finance and political issues that include ‘Open Society: Reforming Global Capitalism’ published in 2001 and ‘The Age of Fallibility: Consequences of the War on Terror’ published in 2006.

The Copa Star Hospital For Luxurious Accomadations and Excellence In Medical Care

If one must be under medical care in Rio the best of all possible places is in the Copa Star Hospital. Luxury typically found only in 5-star hotels is common at this hospital and its patients do not add to their problems with depression over being forced to endure the coldly clinical atmosphere of mainstream medical facilities. The Copa Star proves it is possible to combine ultra comfort with excellence in medical care. Many celebrities choose to stay because they know their privacy will be guarded as well as their health.

With entrances and exits designed to promote privacy, as well as rooms that look no different from some of the nicest hotels in the world, who wouldn’t want to get well in such a place? It is a fact the meals prepared in this hospitals kitchens is of the quality one would find in the best of restaurants. Anyone who has ever eaten food prepared in typical hospital fashion will appreciate the experience of eating because it is good, not simply because they need the nutrition to get well.

Luxurious accommodations and all else aside, the Copa Star’s ultimate goal is quality, effective patient care. The stress of being in the hospital to begin with can make recovery take that much longer but the Copa has found a way to fight against it. Patients in ICU may be isolated from other people, but they do have access to communication technology that keeps them in touch with the outside world. This helps to lower stress naturally rather than through the use of pharmaceuticals and thereby also cuts down on recovery time.

Medical professionals at the Copa Star are more than capable of handling complex neurological or cardiac issues. Through the wise use of advanced technology, continuing education, and genuine concern for patient care, people know before they ever go through the door that they could not have chosen a better place for quality medical services. Copa Star hospitals focus is on the patient and their way of making them feel welcome and comfortable is half the battle to getting them well again.

The Kabbalah Center’s Mission in Teaching the Zohar, Kabbalistic Teachings and Participating in Humanitarian Acts

Kabbalah Centre is an institution dedicated to teaching the Kabbalistic beliefs and the Zohar to believers and prospects around the world. The centre has regional locations in Los Angeles and California and offers courses to individuals internationally. The centre began operating in 1965 when it was launched in the US by Rav Phillip Beg as its leader and Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein as its dean. The centre was originally known as The National Research Institute. Before the establishment of the centre in the United States, Brandwein served as the dean of Yeshivah Kol Yehuda, which is a parent centre of the Kabbalah Centre, located in Israel. After Brandwein’s passing on, Phillip Berg and his wife Karen Berg began the New York City Kabbalah Centre. Currently, the non- profit organization has more than fifty branches globally.

Karen and Micheal presently act as the spiritual leaders of the Los Angeles Kabbalah Centre and provide followers with teachings in various topics. The centre provides its teachings with a focus in the exclusion of referencing Jewish and Hebrew texts. The Kabbalistic and Zohar beliefs educate believers on their relationship with religion, the Bible, the essence of God, the five common senses, the personal relationship with the metaphysical world, astrology, and sex. The Kabbalah Centre strongly believes that cosmic forces influences every individual’s life. Rav Berg wrote various books on astrology during his leadership period of the centre, with the aim of educating the Kabbalists on the importance of understanding the cosmic forces.

The Kabbalah Centre has attracted a high number of followers, including iconic figures such as Madonna, Britney Spears, Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher and Naomi Campbell. Madonna worked together with the centre in August 2006 to provide relief to citizens in Malawi on a project called Raising Malawi. Other charitable acts by the centre include the Sunrise Day Camp which sponsors children suffering from cancer to attend the sunrise day camp with their siblings every summer. In 2004, the centre provided the Kids Creating Peace foundation with funds to support their course. Jeremy Kraut, of the Habitat of Humanity, expressed his admiration and gratitude for the center’s act in building homes in Sri Lanka. He cited that the move was an example of what could happen if more people addressed the vital needs of society.

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Brian Bonar Lustrous Career in Business and Technology Industry

The long serving CEO of Trucept, Inc Brian Bonar has announced his retirement as CEO, even though he will remain the Chairman after a long stint at the company. Bonar will also remain the Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Services. According to a tacit press release published by PRNewswire on November 08 2016, the long serving CEO with broader financial and management experience in overseeing various public and private companies will leave the CEO position in December 31.

Besides overseeing operations at the company, Bonar is also charged with managing temporary staffing and insurance products and services. Following the decision, Trucept, Inc has announced a national search effort to find his replacement.

Trucept Inc offers wide ranging staffing and management solutions targeting individual and corporate clients. The solutions include human resource support, payroll processing, aftermarket staffing services, workers compensation insurance and employee and employer benefits among other services.

Prior to joining Trucept, Inc in June 2011, the highly decorated business executive served at AMS Outsourcing, Allegiant Professional Business Services, Itec Imaging Technologies, Bezier Systems, Adaptec, Rastec Corporation, QMS and IMB Corporation.

According to his LinkedIn page, Bonar took over as the CEO and Chairman of Dalrada Financial Services in June 1999. He is tasked with guiding and overseeing the company’s sales and management strategy.

Bonar previously established the San Diego based PEO Company, AMS Outsourcing and served for 6 years and 9 months from May 2006 to January 2013. At Allegiant Professional Business Services, Bonar was specifically charged with overseeing sales and marketing of insurance products.

He served here for 2 years, from May 2008 to December 2010. Bonar served as the VP of Sales and Marketing at Itec Imaging Technologies from October 2005 to October 1999. During his tenure at the technology company, he was responsible for a number of programs, including developing and strengthening the company relationship with various Japanese and Korean printer manufacturers. He established Bezier Systems in the mid 90’s and served for one year.

Bezier Systems was specially established to unveil the first SCSI based printer. At Rastec Corporation, Bonar was the VP in charge of sales and marketing. Between April 1969 and June 1989, Bonar worked at IBM as Procurement Manager and QMS as Director of Engineering. He was at IBM for 16 years and was tasked with outsourcing motherboards for various IBM computers.

Bonar joined QMS in April 1985 and was tasked with overseeing a team of 100 hardware and software development engineers. Brian Bonar is also well read, according to an excerpt on Bloomberg, Bonar received his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering at Glasgow’s Strathclyde University and later pursued MBA and PhD in International Business Development Studies at England’s prestigious Stafford University.


A Review of Thor Halvorssen’s Involvement in Human Rights Activism

Thor Halvorssen is a human rights activist and a film producer. He is the founder and CEO of an annual global gathering called Oslo Freedom Forum. The Venezuelan human rights advocate focuses on the fields of public interest advocacy, public policy, individual rights, pro-democracy advocacy and civil liberties. Thor is also the founder and president of the Human Rights Foundation, an organization that he started when his mother was shot in 2014 during a political protest. It focuses on liberating political prisoners and advocates for tolerance and democracy in Latin America. Thor’s deep involvement in human rights is evident through his leadership in organizations like Children’s Peace Movement and On Own Feet.

He is the founder of the Moving Picture Institute. In 2010, Thor purchased Ny Tid, a Norwegian news magazine, which is traditionally leftist. His contributions on matters of human rights have been featured on mediums like The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, National Public Radio, The Washington Post, National Journal, Time Magazine and The Nation. He has appeared as a guest on channels like BBC News, Al-Jazeera, Fox News Channels, Hannity & Colmes, The O’Reilly Factor, CNN, HBO and Hardball with Chris Mathews. In October 2010, Thor was a guest speaker at TEDx, which was held at the University of Pennsylvania.

His mother was a descendant of Venezuelan first president, Cristobal Mendoza. His father was a Venezuelan Ambassador for anti-narcotic Affairs and a special overseas investigator. He is a grandson of the Norwegian King’s consul, Oystein Halvorssen, and a cousin to Leopoldo Lopez. Thor is an alumnus of the University of Pennsylvania where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude in both his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in political science and history. In 1993, his father was imprisoned and tortured while he was investigating money laundering and a bank fraud case of the Medellin cartel. Thor Halvorssen held protests until his father was cleared of all charges. Thor’s article about his mother’s shooting was published on The Wall Street Journal. Later, videos of the shootings were released and the gunmen were apprehended.

He has extensive experience on matters concerning human trafficking, dictatorship, threats to democracy and slavery. To this end, Thor has given lectures at the New York City Junto, Harvard law School, the American Enterprise Institute and the United Nations Association in New York. Currently, he is producing a film called The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, which is based on the adaptation of Robert A. Heinlein’s science fiction novel. Bryan Singer is the film’s director.

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Court Issues Restraining Order to Laidlaw& Company

Relmada Therapeutics is a very successful clinical stage firm that develops therapies that deal with chronic pain. Relmada Therapeutics is respected in the United States because of its products. Just recently, the medical institution had to go to court. According to the company management, the US District Court of Nevada recently issued a restraining order and associate injunction order to Laidlaw and its principles.
The restraining order issued against the investment banking company is a way to stop the misleading information and other proxy materials being disseminated. According to a recent report, Mathew Eitner and James Ahern, the two principles from the investment company received the court orders.

The U.S District Court gave the injunction to the principles and the investment banking firm after Relmada Therapeutics presented a case. According to the case, Laidlaw and its most important principles had previously disseminated information and other materials. Relmada Therapeutics believes that this information is false and also misleading to the public. The investment company was spreading the information to exercise full control over the Relmada Therapeutics. Relmada Therapeutics is very excited about the court decision.

Laidlaw Company is a very famous investment bank in the country. In the past, the company signed a contract to work as the finance institution for Relmada Therapeutics. This is not the first time the investment bank is getting in trouble. The company has had to go to court for similar cases in the past, mostly filed by unsatisfied clients. Not long ago, the court proved that the institution had violated some financial regulations. To make matters worse, more customers came up with the same claims. Laidlaw has had to deal with many regulatory sanctions, customer complaints, and monetary penalties. The new case by Relmada Therapeutics will only make matters worse, ruining the reputation of the company.

Squaw Valley Faced A Water Contamination Issue Head-On

Squaw Valley issues statement on upper mountain water quality

Squaw Valley is known for its incredible ski slopes and trails. For more than 50 years, skiers have enjoyed Squaw Valley’s hospitality and winter sports. The ski industry has gone through five years of agony, thanks to the drought that has crippled most of the Western part of the United States. Skiers have been faced with short seasons, no snow, and warmer weather. Those issues have forced many ski resorts to close. But Squaw Valley endured the drought. The 2015/2016 ski season was a good one, and according to the weather forecasts, the 2016/ 2017 season is going to be better. But Squaw Valley faced a monumental hurdle at the beginning of this year’s season. Before the first major snowfall of the season, a torrential rain hit Squaw Valley, and the raging water contaminated four wells that serve two areas of the resort.



The four wells were contaminated with the E. coli bacteria. The E. coli bacteria can cause disease by producing Shiga toxin in humans. The bacteria that make the Shiga toxin are called “Shiga toxin-producing” E. coli or STEC. The STEC outbreaks in the United States are the work of the E. coli O157:H7. Symptoms of STEC infections include vomiting, stomach cramps, and diarrhea. Most infections are mild, but some infections can be life-threatening. The Center for Disease Control claims there are more than 265,000 E. coli infections every year in the U.S. The E. coli O157:H7 causes over 36 percent of those infections.




When a routine test was done on the wells after the rain, the E. Coli bacteria was discovered in those tests. Squaw Valley officials immediately contacted the Environmental Health Department in Placer County and the Squaw Valley Public Service District. Other water experts were also called in to assess the situation. Squaw Valley immediately stopped using the water from those wells, so none of the guests were exposed to the bacteria. Liesl Kenney, the Public Relations Director for Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, issued a report that explained the water situation, and what the resort was doing to clean the two water systems that were affected by the contamination.




The two water systems involved are the Gold Coast and High Camp water systems. The skiers staying in those areas were not exposed to E. coli, according to Liesl Kenney’s report. The restaurants in those areas were closed, and free bottled water was given to the guests.




Andy Wirth, the CEO of Squaw Valley / Alpine Meadows, said the resort is taking every precaution to ensure skier safety. Thanks to the quick work of resort officials, and the two local organizations that are involved in the cleanup, three of the four wells are no longer contaminated by the virus. The cleanup work will continue until all signs of contamination are gone. The wells will be checked on a regular basis, so skiers feel comfortable with the water system, according to Wirth.




The 2016/2017 ski season is off to a good start. The snow came early this season, and snow continues to fall in the Sierra Mountain range.




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