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Is Streaming Really Better For The Environment Than Reading?

Dr. Daniel Amen read that Netflix has created a blog post to address recent reports from organizations like Greenpeace stating the rising use of the Internet is leading to streaming services having a greater carbon footprint. The world’s top streaming company stated it believes sitting and watching an hours worth of streamed TV or movies has little effect on the environment and actually reduces the carbon produced by the individual over reading books. Wired reports Netflix is claiming the reading of printed books requires a greater level of carbon to be produced than a single hour of streaming video.

Experts do agree that the delivery system used by Netflix is efficient and has very little effect on the environment because of the low energy levels of its data centers and transmission procedures. However, no mention has been made of the energy consumption of cloud storage, which Netflix currently rents from Amazon Web Services to complete its delivery of streamed TV and movies for public consumption. The company was also at pains to point out that the greatest users of energy in the delivery of streamed TV and movies is the TV, modern and router of the homeowner, which uses a greater level of energy than its high powered data centers.

Sharks Are Starting To Show Up Already This Summer

Several young sharks are being spotted off the coast of Sunset Beach, authorities have reported. According to an article found on reddit and written by LA Times, no one is really sure why these sharks are coming so close to shore but on Tuesday around sunset there were at least 13 of them eating a meal only about 50 feet away from the beach. A helicopter was sent out on May 19 to get a good luck at what was going on, and it was clear that there were several of these sharks near by, but they were pretty young, so they were only between five and six feet long.

It is that time of year for the sharks to come out, so despite the inconvenience that it might pose for swimmers it really is just nature at work here. The sharks have been on this planet long before humans have and they do have the right to live their lives as they please. However, it can be difficult to allow swimmers to enjoy this summer weather while they are doing so. The most common reason that a shark attack happens is because the animal mistakes humans to be prey, and that is where the biggest problem is. Boraie Development is uncomfortable with the fact that this could be another year of a lot of shark activity, and hopefully there won’t be any more attacks on people as they enjoy the water.

National Parks Free To Fourth Graders

It has been announced in the United States that many national parks are going to be available to fourth grade students and their families over the 2015-2016 school year. Some people believe that this is in response to a program that Canada has where kids of a certain age group are given a privilege of some sort in regards to seeing more of our beautiful country,

According to an article found on reddit and written by New York Times, the interim president of the National Park Foundation as openly said that the biggest benefit of this program is education, because there is a huge difference between seeing wildlife on television and experiencing seeing it up close and personal. This really is a great idea that the government has come up with, and picking an age when a child is likely to remember how it influenced them will be one of the contributing factors. It is important to inspire children to get involved with the environment, because it will depend on them in the future to stand up for it and try to keep this planet a safe and clean place. Keith Mann agrees that our natural resources are precious, which is why that this is such a great idea. After all, we never know what is going to happen and this program will not only help the kids out, but encourage the whole family to get some outdoors time.

Massive Flooding in Texas

Parts of Texas have been facing heavy rains lately which is causing massive flooding. Through the Great Plains and the capital city of Austin, the rain has not subsided for several days. The heavy rains have caused floods, which is creating a lot of structural damage in the area. Several people have died as well, due to the flooding.

In the Blanco River Valley, residents experienced a flash flood that swept away homes and even people according to Amen Clinic. Several people from the area are still missing. Not only are some Texans facing heavy rains and flooding, but tornadoes have been spotted around the area as well. In Milam County, Texas there were reports of a tornado touching down. One person was killed and there are reports that four more have been injured.

Officials are urging residents who live in low-lying areas to seek refuge on higher ground. Creeks and rivers have been swelling from the heavy amounts of rain water and are spilling over onto land. There are shelters for those evacuating to go to, and rescue crews are helping those who cannot get out on their own.

For the full story on the flooding in Texas, is providing updates as they happen.

California Oil Spill Grows to Nine Miles Wide

An oil spill of the coast of Santa Barbara, California has grown to nearly nine miles wide. The spill occurred on Tuesday morning after a pipeline ruptured. The pipeline was owned by Plains All-American.

According to a statement by the coast guard, an estimated 105,000 gallons of crude oil were spilled into the ocean before emergency crews were able to stop the pipeline. Emergency responders were alerted to the spill by a worker who noticed abnormalities in the flow of the pipeline, as well as residents who called about fumes. By the time the pipeline was completely shuttered it had been several hours since the original rupture.

Crews were originally optimistic that they could get the spill cleaned up for the impending memorial day weekend, but that seems unlikely. Boats are being used to skim oil from the top of the water and buoy system have been deployed in an attempt to stave off further spreading.

Wildlife experts have also been on the scene monitoring the wildlife in the area. Dead sea-life has already begun washing ashore. Boraie Development LLC along with NJBiz noted that professionals are in he process of removing those animals, as well as contaminated soils and sand.

Weather Forecasters Should Warn About Cold Snaps More Than Heat Waves

Most of us in the developed world don’t need to think too much about weather extremes. As people at The Aspire New Brunswick are aware, we are warm and cozy in our homes and our cars and then at work and only need to be out in the elements for brief periods in between. For some of us, therefore, our obsession with weather forecasts is just to know if we need a jacket or umbrella for the minute we’re actually outside between our car and various destinations. For people in worse economic conditions and particularly those in the developing world, weather can be, and occasionally is, a deadly issue. A recent study has also concluded that it is far deadlier when it is cold.

The study was published in the British journal The Lancet, and it studied data on tens of millions of deaths from 13 countries between 1985 and 2012. Cold was found to be 20 times more deadly than heat. Their next goal is to study how these findings might change in the future as climate change progresses. Given the planet’s warming trend, one would assume there would be fewer deaths in a warmer world. That only looks at the direct effects of temperature, however, and not other phenomena attributed to global warming such as more intense storms which might actually result in more people getting killed. Weathermen seem to have it backwards when they seem more worried about deaths from heatwaves, and you seem to hear less about health concerns when it’s very cold out.

Finding the Right Local Park

InsiderMonkey reports that taking a stroll or jog around a local park is a lot of fun and can help you to get in some exercise in a fun way. You may want to try out walking through a local park, but you do not know which parks are available in your area. The key to finding parks in the local area is to use individuals who live there and the Internet to your advantage. You can ask locals about different parks available so that you know what is available. Many locals will know exactly what types of parks are there for you to walk, so it pays to ask them if this is something you need to know.

You will also want to think about going online and doing research on local parks that even the locals might not be totally familiar with themselves. The Internet may have a chamber of commerce specific to your town or city, and you can use this site to find out if there are any types of parks in the area for you to go to yourself. By finding the right parks, you’re going to find it easy to have fun and take nice walks alone or with friends so that you are getting in your 10,000 steps a day and having lots of fun in the fresh air while you happen to be doing this on your very own.

Another Oil Spill

Another oil spill has been reported off the cost of southern California. It is now said to have spread to 4 miles in width. Is it just me or does it seem like these oil spills are happening more and the consequences of them are minimized?

I hear companies claiming that these pipelines are “safe” because they want more of them made. How can it be safe if the leak was found by local residents who smelled the fumes and reported it to local authorities? Really? The company relies on residents as a warning system instead of having some kind of monitoring in effect that would let them know their pipeline at one point was spewing out oil at the rate of 100 barrels per minute?

Brian Torchin cannot be the only one to feel let down by the lack of care and concern shown by these companies and by the governments who are supposed to regulate these things. Perhaps the only government that I look to with any hope of rectifying these and other horrible things happening worldwide is the one spoken of in the Bible at Daniel 2:44.

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Stunt performer killed at Yosemite Park

Two of the best known extreme sports enthusiasts in the world have died during a wingsuit flight at California’s Yosemite National Park. Extreme sports expert Dean Potter and fellow climber Graham Hunt died after jumping from a height of more than 7,000 feet in a bid to glide through the air at high speed and land safely on the ground, the BBC reports. The pair were equipped with parachutes that would be opened to aid their landing and allow them some form of security should they encounter problems as they completed their flight.

Potter was one of the top extreme sports enthusiasts in the world, but had been criticized by some for the nature of the stunts he had undertaken in recent years. Park rangers at Yosemite stated the sports of base jumping and other parachute based activities were banned in the park, but the ban was difficult to enforce because of the large area the national park covers. Brian Torchin heard that early reports claim the pair lost contact with their ground crew soon after jumping from Taft Point before searching park rangers eventually found their bodies with their parachutes not deployed.