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Pet Food Manufacturers Eat The Dog Food Themselves It’s So Healthy

Not many people know this but Purinastore’s Beneful brand of dog food comes in a bunch of different forms. The leading dog food maker offers eight different types of dry dog food which can be bought in large white bags at any pet store, department store and some grocery stores. The most popular form of the dog food is not the only option. Beneful manufactures 20 different types of wet dog food, the kind of singleserving foods found in Tupperware and small metal cans. Beneful even manufactures 11 different varieties of dog treats, from healthy baked delights to teeth cleaning dental twists.

Purina is driving the Beneful brand even further by using healthier ingredients. Healthier fats, such as the triglycerides found in coconuts, are easier on a dog’s digestive system. When a dog can digest food easier it allows for more effective absorption of nutrients which gives your pet more energy and longevity. Beneful has always aimed to produce the healthiest but Purina is always looking for the next innovation in the pet food industry.

The Freshpet manufacturing plant in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, is on the cutting edge of pet food making technology. The giant machines inside the processing plant are able to mix fresh meat products along with freshly cooked meat in order to deliver the tastiest and most nutritious meal for your pet. Michael Hieger, the plants processing manager, even eats the dog food himself, which he shows to people and reporters taking a tour of the manufacturing facility. He’s especially fond of the chicken and turkey recipe, vouching for its healthful benefits and superior taste.

This new processing plant takes pet food making to the next level and even goes through the painstaking process of making sure every morsel of pet food made in the facility is sold on store shelves before expiration. And it’s the innovations found in this processing plant that companies like Purina are hastily copying and trying to improve. That’s why buying Beneful is a good investment. You can feel confident that the dog food was made using fresh ingredients and innovative packaging processes.



Marcio Alaor Is Honored At Home

The Dino Blog recently released a story about Marcio Alaor and a new food court in his hometown. This article explains why Marcio Alaor was chosen for this distinct honor, and his service at BMG Bank will be explained in detail. Setting the name of Marcio Alaor in stone is an honor that is truly befitting a man who has done so much for his homeland.

#1: Marcio Has Helped Thousands In The Area

Marcio has used his work at BMG Bank to help thousands of people in his homeland who work in the agricultural industry. He has approved loans to help people start their own businesses, and he has helped with special financing that has made many projects in the area possible. Marcio has been an integral part of growth in the area, and the people of his hometown wanted his to know how appreciated he is. This is an honor rarely bestowed on people from the region, but Marcio is clearly worthy of the honor.

#2: Where Was The Honor Bestowed?

There is an exhibit area in Marcio’s homeland that has a beautiful fairground and food court. The new food court was just named in Marcio’s honor, and it will bear his name in perpetuity. Anyone who comes through the food court will see the plaque that has Marcio’s name, and people in the area may learn about Marcio when they come to see the area. The food court is a place where people come together the break bread, and it is fitting that Marcio has been honored in a place that represents community and family.

#3: Marcio Has Many Years To Go

Marcio Alaor has quite a bit of work to do at BMG Bank to help Brazil move into the 21st Century. Brazil is slowly emerging as a global superpower, and his bank is a main source fo credit for many people in Brazil. Marcio wants to continue his work helping the people of Brazil, and he prefers to approve loans that will help yet another person realize their dreams. There are many people in his hometown who need his help, and Marcio is happy to go back to work to help the average Brazilian find more cash.

Marcio Alaor has created a brilliant career at BMG Bank that is centered around offering loan services to the people of Brazil. Marcio has done quite a lot of work to help people who needed cash to get their businesses off the ground, and he has aided people working in agriculture who needed a little help. There are many Brazilians who owe their dreams to Marcio Alaor, and he will continue to make dreams come true with personal credit from BMG Bank.

Keeping Hair Looking Beautiful and Healthy


Proper hair care does not have to be difficult or complicated, even though there are many options and products that can be used to achieve these desired outcomes. Though women are typically the ones most concerned with the way that their hair looks and feels, some men are going to great lengths to improve the condition of their own hair – here are some of the most common choices for haircare products.

One of today’s most common trends involves taking a supplement for hair, skin and nails. This supplement contains active ingredients and nutrients meant to improve the look, feel and overall condition of different body parts over time. Other vitamins and supplements that can be taken to improve hair health include biotin, vitamins A and B, and keratin.

Sergio Cortes suggests including food within the diet that promotes growth, strengthening and overall hair health. In addition to tasting great, many of these foods are quite healthy and relatively easy to find, even out of “season”.

Finally, a comprehensive haircare routine that includes a quality shampoo and conditioner as well as “extras” like hair masks, deep conditioners and even Argan oil, which is used to add additional moisture to dry or damaged hair can help to improve the health of hair and keep it looking great. Reducing the amount of heat or chemicals used on it is also recommended, because these additions can cause breakage, damage and even dull or tired looking hair – and no one wants that.

What Do You Really Know About Wikipedia?

List three of your immediate impressions of Wikipedia on a piece of paper, right now. At the end, you can compare them to the reality of the Wikipedia brand. You might be surprised by the facts surrounding Wikipedia. Like the World Wide Web, Wikipedia is shrouded by many shadows, rumors and misconceptions, but the “truth might be stranger than fiction.”

“Wikipedia Myths”

Wikipedia seems to be an open source community creation where smart people will make a Wikipedia page or two for free about a vast range of different topics. There seem to be numerous parenthetical references to whether citations have been verified. In general, Wikipedia seems to be run by unpaid amateurs who simply love knowledge, freedom and democracy. Is that true?

Unlike other popular websites, Wikipedia still does not include any ads. It is true that there are many amateurs working for free who simply want to increase global knowledge. The Register UK stated that many members of the Wiki staff, threatened to quit if the website were monetized. There is an annual Wikimania conference bringing together the primary contributors to the site.

“Hire Your Own Wiki Writers”

Many of the pages for individuals on Wikipedia are submitted by professional Wikipedia writers for hire. They have their own Wiki accounts, citation expertise and understand the guidelines. One of the top firms in the industry is “Get Your Wiki.”

You can build, strengthen and promote yourself or an important individual by writing your own Wiki page. Contact “Get Your Wiki” to hire knowledgeable Wikipedia writers to do the research, make the updates and discuss your accomplishments while handling all the ins and outs of Wikipedia business page creation. The open community Wikipedia model continues to be very popular around the world. Promote yourself on Wikipedia to create a strong, positive brand online.

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Now, look back at your list of three Wikipedia facts. Were your correct? Did you learn anything?

Ricardo Guimaraes Secedes Position at BMG with Legacy Intact

Twenty-six years ago, the wealthiest and most powerful family dynasty in Brazil handed its favorite son the title of heir and administrator of the family fortune. The youthful heir knew his time had come to make an impact and preserve the status of his family.
The man in none other but Ricardo Guimaraes, the outgoing President, and CEO of Banco BMG. BMG is one of the most prominent and dominant financial institutions in Brazil’s large economy. The Guimaraes family had operated the bank since 1930 when their grandfather founded it as the Land Credit Bank. The firm has adapted to changing economic times to offer the products and services its clients needed.
Fast forward to 2016, the experienced Ricardo Guimaraes has made a name for himself and brought honor and success to BMG and his family. Ricardo implemented a complete overhaul of the firm by switching to the consigned credit markets. This shrewd move came after Ricardo realized the growing demand for credit among Brazil’s population. True to his assessment, the bank has achieved monumental strides in opening up credit services in Brazil.
Ricardo Guimaraes later combined the mighty branding power of sports like football and volleyball into a marketing tool for BMG. This decision arose from his earlier involvement in the management of football club Atletico-MG in his hometown of Minas Gerais. During his tenure, the club recovered from near collapse and attained financial independence. At some time, things were so bad the passionate Guimaraes would dig into his pockets to fund the club.
Sports marketing took BMG to another level. The firm invested millions into sponsorship contracts with a host of football clubs and talents in volleyball and tennis. These contracts oblige teams and players to embed the logo and theme colors of BMG into their training and playing kits as well as stadiums. BMG became the main sports sponsor in Brazil and paved way for other corporates to try the powerful method. Stakeholders heaped praise on the strategy initiated by Ricardo Guimaraes. Sports marketing also acted as a Corporate Social Responsibility avenue for BMG.
BMG’s growth seems to have reached an optimum level in the last couple of years. Ricardo Guimaraes and his executives have been searching for alternative avenues to diversify or expand its business. The bank came up with an idea to form a separate firm to oversee the distribution and supply of payroll loans. BMG declared a partnership with Itau Unibanco for the formation of Itau BMG Payroll.
However, a corporate restructuring has left Guimaraes no choice but to vacate his position and take up roles on the board together with other members of the Guimaraes family.

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Bank President Ricardo Guimarães Wants Brazil To Use Soccer As An Educational Tool

BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães has done a lot for the sport of soccer in Brazil. He has been the president and chairman of a Series A soccer club, and he is heavily involved in the soccer association. Guimarães has always loved the game. As a kid growing up in Belo Horizonte, Ricardo would play on the dirt field with other boys, and he learned how to interact and respect them as their love of the sport, and their friendship grew.

When Ricardo was old enough to study at the University, he continued to play the game. He became a top-notch player as well as an outstanding student. After graduation, Ricardo went to work for the family-owned bank. The Land Credit Bank was started by his grandfather. His father was running the bank when Ricardo started to work as a teller in the bank, according to a post.

Ricardo’s father, Flavio, saw his son potential as his son worked his way through each position in the bank. In 1998, Ricardo was named president of the bank. By that time, the Land Credit Bank had acquired two other banks and was renamed the BMG Bank of Minas Gerais. The BMG Bank was a very profitable bank, but Ricardo wanted to expand the reach of the bank. Rather than being just a one state bank, Ricardo wanted BMG Bank to be a national bank that competed with the big banks in Brazil. He had a plan, and when President Luis de Silva changed banking regulations in 2008, Ricardo put his plan in motion.

His plan was to combine his love of football with his profession. Ricardo decided to sponsor a local football club, the Atlético Mineiro Club, and the bank advertised the new payroll loan product during matches. Payroll loans are low-interest loans that employed Brazilian can use for personal reasons. The loans are guaranteed by borrower’s income. When the players on the Atlético Mineiro Club took the field wearing the three letter orange BMG logo for the first time, the fans immediately recognized and related the bank. BMG was swamped with applications for the low-interest loans. That first game was the start of a successful sponsorship campaign for BMG and seven other BMG sponsored football clubs, according to a recent post by

Ricardo posted an article he wrote on his website recently that talks about how Demark treats the game of soccer. There are more than 1,100 clubs in Denmark because the Danes think soccer is more than just a game. The Danes consider the sport a stress reliever as well as a mind relaxer. The schools in Denmark consider soccer a course not an extra activity, and Ricardo wants Brazilian schools to treat soccer the same way.

Discover the Success of George Soros

George Soros is an astute business person who is experienced in commerce. He is an author, philanthropist, and a tycoon. His parents are from Hungary, and he currently serves as the director of Soros Fund Management. Soros is a wealthy individual, and he is categorized to be one of the richest people globally. He is an ardent supporter of the freethinking and also political causes that are progressive. Soros loves making donations to different organizations that provide valuable assistance to the community. During the last few years, he has contributed immensely, and the donations have been directed to various worthy causes. Soros has made it possible for the transition of Eastern Europe from communism to capitalism. His biggest contributions have been channeled to education purposes especially to the Central European University that is situated in Budapest, Hungary.

According to New York Review of Books, Soros acts as the leader of the Open Society Foundations and also the Soros Fund Management. His upbringing was in Budapest, and the parents were non-practicing Jewish. Soros’s father was an astute lawyer while his mother came from a family that owned a successful silk shop.

George Soros got his university education at the London School of Economics, and he was able to achieve a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and a Ph.D. in the same discipline. After graduating, jobs proved hard to find, and he decided to open a wholesale shop in Welsh Seaside Resort where he could specialize in selling to the retailers located in the surrounding areas. The job was not easy for him, but because he was determined to succeed, he continued doing the business while at the same time making applications to various companies. After a certain period, he was eventually employed by Singer and Friedlander firm.

Soros did not stay at the company for a long time. He left and made a trip to New York City where he got another employment at F.M Mayer Company. At the company, he was to perform his duties as an arbitrage trader. He especially concentrated on the European Stocks that had become famous due to the establishment of the steel and coal community. He left the company to join Wertheim & Co after just three years. He went back to England where he studied Philosophy that helped him in the development of the theory of flexibility. The theory was supported by the ideas he had gotten while he was a student of Karl Popper. The flexibility theory describes that the market values are determined by the participant’s belief in the business but not the fundamentals of the economics in that particular situations.

Soros formed his First Eagle Funds in 1967, and it was initially launched as an investment fund. In a few years, he established Double Eagle Hedge Fund that was to be the fulcrum of his funds. His achievements have been an incredible inspiration to many people around the world. Most of the individuals have used Soros’s advice to turn their insights into the markets to financial success.

Charles Koch Convergence for Reform

The spectrum of the criminal justice system and its assembly-line process has been broken for decades, and surprisingly, an unlikely proponent, billionaire Charles Koch, has become an advocate for reform.

In a recent article, Newsweek reported that Charles Koch had formed an alliance with the ACLU, and other liberal campaigners to support criminal justice reform. The Koch brothers frequently criticize the government for becoming “too big and even intrusive” and favor downsizing the government. Moreover, Koch believes government strategies are unfair and counterproductive. “The current criminal laws restrict our liberty,” says Koch. The annual price tag for our broken criminal justice system is around $250 billion. Even worse, the process has been referred to as a poverty trap, creating despair for the least advantaged.

The Battle for Liberty

Charles Koch believes things need to change, and the government must have more respect for individual rights. He explains that his classical liberal views are a doctrine that defends private property and defend citizens against violation of their individual rights, not to mention an unhampered market economy. Of course our regulations and laws have a practical function in our society, however all these unfair regulations tend to have an extremely onerous impact on all of us.

The Elusive Billionaire

Koch, 79, of Koch Industries is involved in oil refining, chemicals, electronics and consumer products, and is one of the most powerful political financial backers in the U.S. In fact, he’s in the coveted top four richest people in the world. His company, based in Wichita, Kansas generates over $100 billion a year in annual sales, from which he donates millions. New Yorker’s blithely know the name, which appears on the pediment of great cultural institutions of Manhattan: the New York City Ballet, Lincoln Center, even a Koch wing at the Museum of Natural History, and he is one of the most influential men in the country.

His father, Fred Koch, made his fortune by inventing a petroleum refining process. The two heirs, brothers David and Charles Koch, each with a 42 percent stake in the company, parlayed their inheritance beyond all anyone could hope for: since the 1960’s the company’s value had been multiplied by 3,500.

Koch believes you must answer for your actions, but not with perpetual debt. Today, the consensus of the criminal justice system is that it reflects a biased approach that only exacerbates the problems.

Keith Mann Supports the NYPD

In the light of protests and violence surrounding the police force, the Founder of Dynamic Search Partners Keith Mann and his wife Keely Mann have been front line to support the officers. Keith Mann acknowledges the importance of the police officers in the society today hence feeling that the force should be encouraged for moral boost instead feeding negativity against the force. Keith Mann is close to the concerns regarding the police due to his personal connection to the force through Keely Mann’s uncle who is a detective in Staten Island.

Keith Mann urges people to be considerate with the police officers because they are human just like the rest of the civilians only that they have the uniforms. Additionally, the violence against the police hurt not only the officers but also the families affiliated with the police. Keith encourages the civilians to thank and support the force due to their determination to keep the country safe. Keith highlights that the officers undergo training in the situations that civilians do not face.

Keith Mann has been forefront to do activities in of support the police force. Mann sent lunch to the 54th Street area in January so as to motivate the officers. Additionally, he followed it up with another lunch on February 9th keeping in mind that a single attempt often goes unnoticed. The lunch was not only a gesture to show his support for the officers but also to encourage the civilians to join in the effort of backing the police department. Furthermore, he participated in a support rally for the New York Police Department together with other citizens in January that had a massive turn out of over 150 people. Similar demonstrations have been held across the United States to show consolidation with the police force as well as help other citizens join to raise their voice in support for the police.

Keith Mann is an expert in hedge fund compensation having a vast experience of over 15 years in the industry. He is adequately skilled in talent acquisition, recruiting, data analysis, research, and executive search. Apart from the hedge fund, Mann is a renowned philanthropist donating money to Hope and Heroes as well as working with Uncommon School to help students find jobs after college.

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Pressed For Time? There’s A Handy Solution For That

This world has quickly become a much faster place to live. In terms of business and home life, the rapid exchange of information is only getting faster and making the world feel smaller as an effect. A company by the name of Handy is one way that this is becoming more prevalent. They are an on call home cleaning, repair, maintenance and moving company. With just a few key strokes you can have a professional at your door at the time you decide to. No more looking around the room as your walking out the door intending to ‘get around to it’ when there’s time for it.

Ever since the company launched in 2012, they have wanted to be the metaphorical Uber of home cleaning services. On call and ready to help when you need it. Founders Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan, are driven to success and it shows when you look at the way the company has grown in a relatively short time. They’re short-lived rival company Homejoy has fell from the competition altogether, many legal issues being the deciding factors in their dissolution. Just months after they went under, Handy raked in another 50 million in financial backing, cementing their reign at the top, for now.

Handy is looking also to expand into more cities. The already 28 cities they serve is looking to be doubled or more at the rate they are expanding. With investors like Fidelity, Highland Capital and TPG Growth backing the company, they are looking to hit their mark right on the nose. This is an absolute contrast to the now defunct Homejoy. This is a trend that that Handy fully intends to keep repeating so long as it brings repeat success with it. This approach takes the frustration and guess work out of cleaning services of the past and puts it in an easy to use application.

As for customer retention, around 80 percent of their customers are repeat business. This is a big win for the upstart company. It shows that they deliver the goods, take out the trash and whatever else you need done. Many couples who are older in years have enjoyed the service as well. It makes it easier for them to keep their home clean or move heavy furniture. Whatever you end up needing the service for, you can be sure that they’ll deliver quality.