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Madison Street Capital: Global Investments On A New Level

Just minutes from the world-renowned Chicago Stock Exchange lies Madison Street Capital (MSC), an international investment banking firm. Founded in 2010, the company’s mission is to provide corporate financial advisory services to both publicly and privately-held middle market clients around the world. With two additional locations in Ghana (Accra) and India (Haryana), services are given by experienced transaction professionals who are client-focused and results-driven.

The Madison Street Capital not only fosters the growth of its clients’ company structures, but also the ongoing mentoring and comprehensive training of its staff. Many business sectors requiring the expertise of these professionals include telecommunications, energy, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, construction, agriculture, and transportation. Meticulous care is given to make sure that all aspects of corporate investing are offered, so company services have been classified into five groups.

  • Corporate Advisory – Mergers and acquisitions, capital restructuring, reorganization services, bankruptcy services, Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) advisory, buyout advisory, corporate governance, private placements
  • Business Valuation – Company, valuation, tax compliance
  • Valuation for Financial Reporting – Purchase price allocations, goodwill and tangible impairment, share-based compensation, structured finance products
  • Financial Obligations – Independent third-party fairness opinions, solvency and capital adequacy
  • Asset Management Industry Focus – Portfolio valuation services, mergers and acquisitions advisory, restructuring services, financial sponsor coverage

Madison Street Capital is committed to excellence and integrity in delivering services to their clients. By offering guidance in every phase of the transaction process, clients realize their financial goals and develop long-term relationships with the company. As a result, the company has been the recipient of numerous accolades and awards including the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (COO Anthony Marsala, recipient) and as a finalist in the 14th Annual M&A Advisor Awards.

Madison Street Capital has also made contributions to humanitarian and disaster-relief organizations like the United Way and Chicago-area charities. The company has been credited in the facilitation of nearly 100 financial transactions with noted firms across the U.S. like Gaylor, Inc.(acquisitions), Ohio Valley Manufacturing, Inc.(credit), and Labor Smart, Inc.(capital management). Pending global expansion projects include collaborations in untapped financial markets in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and Canada.

Marc Sparks Provides Keys To Success

The keys to success offered by the greatest business people of the day cannot be understated, and people who are taking these business people at their word tend to roundly successful. Marc Sparks wrote a book on the topic of success in business, but he has been asked many times why he wrote a book in the first place. Marc’s answer will surprise many readers, but his information is salient for all readers.

#1: Why Write A Book?

Marc chose to write a book to help people understand how to succeed in the world of business. Writing his blog may have been interesting enough, but I could not learn enough from his blog without getting lost in the rest of the Internet. Writing a book provided people like me with the information that was needed to become better salesmen. I can read his book at any time, and I can carry that book with me to learn more about his business principles.

#2: I Learned A Lot Quickly

I cannot highlight and mark up a website like I can a book. Marc’s book allowed me to take notes and change my thinking any time I liked. I can reread a chapter of the book at any time, and I can share the book with others freely. Marc wrote a book so that people like me could change in an instant, and his book will sit on the shelf with all the great pieces of wisdom that I have collected over the ages.

#3: Giving Away What You Have

Giving away what you have is a major part of Marc’s philosophy, but his book clearly explains how to give away your money while remaining successful. So many people in the business world are afraid to let go of their money, and Marc’s book taught me how to give away my money wisely. The beauty of Marc’s writing is how he magically explains giving away money to people who need. I have run into people who are in need, and those people benefit from my study of Marc’s writing.

The business principles of Marc Sparks are clearly stated in his new book, and he wrote for all of us to ensure that we would succeed the way that he did. His commitment to education is a beautiful thing, and I have taken many pages from his book while I created my own path in the business world.

Mr. Bruce Levenson And The Atlanta Hawks

Bruce Levenson, the former owner and chairman of the Atlanta Hawks, changed the Hawks into a 60-win season team, which made them the second in the Eastern Conference in the 2014-2015 season. Levenson is a long-time American business executive that was in retirement until he invested in the Hawks.

Bruce Levenson is one of the best things to happen to the Atlanta Hawks. He is an American businessman that is known for being the most recent owner of the Hawks. He sold it for a large profit, but most importantly, he turned the Hawks around into a winning team. Here is a little bit about the NBA for those that don’t know much about it.

The NBA consists of thirty teams, which are split up into the Eastern and Western Conferences. There are three divisions allocated within the two conferences, each containing five teams. The Hawks are in the Eastern Conference, Southeast division. Teams in the same division play more than out-of-division teams do, as well as teams in the same conference; this matters because the ending records of the team depend more on their in-division play.

In the playoffs, the best eight teams from each conference are ranked by seed. The best team of each conference plays the worst, the fourth best plays the fifth best, etc. There are three rounds of playoffs until the two conferences come against each other in the NBA Finals, which are the fourth and final round of the playoffs. Bruce Levenson has helped take the Atlanta Hawks from a losing team to a playoff contender.

The NBA season usually runs from late October to June, with preseason basketball starting in early October or late September. The Hawks did well the whole entire season,

The Atlanta Hawks are one of the best performing teams in the NBA right now. They lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Finals, placing the Hawks in the top four teams in the NBA, essentially. The most recent owner,Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson, has turned the Hawks around from a mediocre team to one that travels deep into the playoffs. The Hawks don’t have any superstars, as Levenson assembled a team with arguably the best chemistry in the league.

Mr. Levenson recently sold the Atlanta Hawks for around $830, which is $330 more than he bought it for just a few years ago. Levenson really did turn the Atlanta Hawks around on the right path.

Gold – A great Investment For Retirement

Gold is an investment class that is particularly well suited for long term investment portfolios like retirement accounts. While it is important to hold gold in your investment portfolio to some degree or another, retirement accounts often make the perfect investment vehicle for gold investments. This article will describe why gold is so well suited for retirement accounts and how you can get the help needed to invest in gold in your retirement accounts.

There are many investments that are considered to be great for retirees such as utility stocks and bonds. They are considered the safe and plodding investments that provide income over time to help retired individuals supplement their income successfully. When investing for retirement many people have a long term horizon that is in the decades in length. Utility stocks and bonds are damaged by long term inflation which can sometimes outpace returns. Choosing investments that are able to provide some protection against inflation is the key with long term portfolios like retirement accounts. Gold is the perfect hedge against inflation risk as there is a finite supply of gold and only small amounts of it become available each year through new mining activities. As countries print new currency and that currency becomes devalued gold appreciates and provides your retirement portfolio with the protection it needs from inflationary risks. Given the length of time before many people retire, it is essential to hold some gold in your retirement portfolio.

Gold provides protection against market downturns which occur every generation. Gold often appreciates during these black swan type events and by owning gold in your retirement account your portfolio can more quickly recover from these downturns. It is important to keep a balanced portfolio in your retirement account to stand up against all types of mark swings and gold allows you to diversify effectively as it does not move in conjunction with other investment classes. Holding gold in your retirement portfolio therefore is an effective way of gaining the diversification you need for your long term accounts. At these moments you can sell your gold holdings and use them to purchase distressed securities at bargain prices and wait for the recovery. Holding gold in your retirement portfolio is therefore a great way of hedging risk of market collapse.

When you have a 401k account you are typically limited by the investment options that are made available by your employer, though there are self-directed plans that are available as well in some cases. Transferring any old 401k accounts to a self-directed IRA often frees you up to direct your portfolio into a wide number of potential gold related investments that can provide the benefits that are noted above for gold investments. Doing so can be complex, however, and using a firm like US Money Reserve, Inc. who is experienced in investing in gold and can provide you with solid recommendations, is a smart decision.

Martina Hingis Partners With Joseph Bismark’s QNET Brand

QI group managing director, Joseph Bismark, announced that tennis superstar, Martina Hingis, will be QNET’s new brand ambassador. This announcement was made through Business Wire on September 18th during an event known as the V-UAE. The V-UAE was held at the Hamdan Sports Arena. A total of 10,000 people attended the event. During the event, Martina Hingis rose to the stage with Joseph Bismark by her side and announced that she would be partnering with QNET. Martin Hingis expressed her appreciation and honor for being chosen as ambassador of the QNET brand.

QNET is a renowned selling company that is situated in Asia. QNET products are distributed to a wide market. QNET’s corporate commitment encourages and enables individuals from any kind of background to begin their own enterprises.

QNET representatives come together each year to learn, grow and celebrate at V-Con, the greatest event organized by The-V. This year’s V-UAE was hosted in Dubai and celebrated the 17th anniversary of QNET. During this year’s celebrations Joseph Bismark, the executive of the QNET brand, made things interesting by adding a new member to the team.

Martina Hingis is a respected international tennis champion. Hingis is a former 5 time grand slam champion and is also a former Global Ambassador for the International Tennis hall of Fame. Martini now joins the list of the company’s sports sponsorships which include Manchester City Football Club and Marussia Formula 1 team.

Martina Hingis is expected to participate in numerous QNET events while still playing for the Champions Tennis League. Hingis’s role also includes representing the interest of the QNET brand in as far as India. Hingis is also expected to wear QNET apparel while competing and endorsing several QNET products.

Joseph Bismark left his home at the age of nine to become a monk in the secluded mountains in the Philippines. Bismark remained in the ashram until he attained the age of seventeen. After moving out of the mountains, Bismark joined the corporate world with the life lessons he had acquired from the ashram. Bismark practiced business by applying the lessons he had learnt during his residence in the mountains. In December 2008, Bismark became the managing director of the QI group of companies and played a huge role in the establishment of the QNET brand. Bismark is also the cofounder of RHYTHM foundation. Bismark believes that success is a combined effort. He believes that team work is the key to achieving greatness. Bismark’s sense of vision and team work are one the qualities that are responsible for his success in the corporate world.

Source: BusinessWire

Brad Reifler, CEO of Forefront Income Trust

Twitter users say that with a penchant for innovation and steady earnings, Brad Reifler, CEO at Forefront Capital, has a steady hand when it comes to finance and investing.

Studying economics and political science at Bowdin University, he started his career in the 1980s by founding Reifler Trading Company, where his firm managed discretionary accounts worth hundreds of millions, then moved onto more world-changing responsibilities such as information dissemination and institutional research. He then moved on to found Pali Capital in 1995, and worked in the equity markets only as a sell side broker dealer. His firm grew to four continents (with cities in Singapore and Latin America), over 300 people, and over $1 billion in commission income.

Forefront Capital LLC, along with its subsidiaries, whose work is to help the middle class invest in products that have been previously only been available to the upper echelons of wealth, is the current focus of Brad’s time. The current investment to become involved with forefront is a mere $2,500. As well as CEO and founder of Forefront, Reifler serves as director of Sino Mercury Company and also served as a director of Genesis Securities, Foresight Research Solutions, and European American Investment Bank. Making sound financial decisions and creating wealth is also in his heritage, as he is the grandson of Ray E. Friedman, Refco founder.

With the knowledge of economics and finance and the wisdom to make sound investment decisions, Brad Reifler is a prominent businessman who has always made successful income for his businesses as well as his employees and investors.

Benefits of Hiring Handy Home Cleaning Service

For some people cleaning a messy house is a an evil chore. And they have a point. After a busy day of work, they hardly have enough time to offer to house cleaning task. From dirt on the floor to grease in the kitchen sink, it becomes harder and harder to keep up with cleaning chore. And some chores like brushing bathroom floors tend to take forever and can make busy people crazy. There are hundreds of stories who view this chore as a sleeping snake that one day will rose up to bite them. For these people though, home cleaning service like Handy Home Cleaning is a great convenience. This company arrives at your doorstep, perform the cleaning task and bail you out of this chore on a regular basis, even help you with extra benefits and discounts.

Whether cleaning home becomes your dream or nightmare depends on how you handle it. And Handy Home Cleaning offers service depending on your needs and budget. If you do need a cleaning service from this company, continue reading, If not, you are already good to go. Despite what you may have heard from people who are skeptical regarding this service, a dirty house isn’t a norm for anyone living in it. Obviously, an unclean environment can cause airborne illness, skin allergies, breathing problems and other ailments if not treated. These issues don’t correct itself if root of the dirt is not removed. So if you have taken comfort in the fact that a light housework will make your house shine bright – sorry. Any cleaning in a hurry is equally bad as an uncleaned home. What’s more, dust in the carpet will leave you vulnerable to all kinds of ticks and mites. In such cases, it makes sense that hiring Handy on youtube that offers regular and comprehensive cleaning will work.

Your house has become a bigger risk of health and wealth and you don’t want to make it more worse. The comprehensive service from Handy Home Cleaning Company means your house is cleaned inch by inch using green products that are safe to health and environment. This also means improved quality of life for you and your family. This is a particularly recommended practice that involves thorough cleaning of your house from patio to bathrooms and backyard.

A number of cleaning companies don’t tell you what products and equipment they use until after you have requested their service. You may think you are getting the best price, but you may get surprise bills later. Handy Home Cleaning Services, on the other hand, is the best bet for people from all walks of life. Here they don’t have to live with such tactics. Plenty of people have dug themselves out of mediocre home cleaning services and gone with this company. You don’t have to live like a monk in your uncleaned home anymore. Handy Home Cleaning Service will make your house ready for a great party with friends and family.

James Stone’s Plymouth Rock of the 21st Century

These days, selling car insurance has become a very different set of transactions than when James Stone started Plymouth Rock Assurance Corporation in 1982. Mr. Stone wrote the book on the securities industry at the end of the 20th century, literally, as well as many articles on a number of other subjects, including finance, insurance, and economics. His book, One Way for Wall Street, covers the whole industry of securities.

In an article published in the Boston Globe on August 16, 2015, the issue of how Plymouth Rock employs insurance agents and also does business online over the Internet is explored in detail. Here is a link to the article: Plymouth Rock Online With Agents.

The problem is that traditional agent coverage is increasingly being supplanted by direct customer sales through web sites. James Stone has, as is usual for him, invented new and innovative ways to address this fork in the information superhighway. He aims to keep his insurance agents happy while still embracing the direct and automated ease of customers who have abandoned traditional methods for the immediacy of the Internet. In the article the President of Plymouth Rock said, “The market is evolving, and we want to evolve with it.”

Part of that evolution is a new software tool that the Boston insurance company is introducing, called Prime. With Prime any consumer in Massachusetts can obtain and manage their car insurance needs over the Internet, and yet at the same time he or she will still also have an agent. Mr. Stone is well prepared to introduce such innovations as he has always been a leader in the industry. In the 70s he lectured at Harvard University on economics, was the Insurance Commissioner for Massachusetts for several years after that. Later, President Jimmy Carter appointed him as chairman of the Commodity Futures Trade Commission, where he served until 1983. He remains an American Academy of Arts and Sciences Fellow.

Shaygan Kheradpir An Award Winning CEO and Technical Executive

Shaygan Kheradpir is an Iranian American business executive that was born in London, England. After receiving his bachelors degree from Cornell University, he went on to earn both a masters and a doctorate in the field of electrical engineering. Once he received his doctorate, Kheradpir went on to help develop FIOS at the Verizon communications company. Later in his career, he started working for Juniper Networks and rose to the position of chief executive officer. During his long career, Kheradpir has accomplished many technical advances and have helped lead some of the largest corporations in the world. His work in the technical field has brought forth many customer friendly products for several different companies including one of the world’s largest banks. Let’s take a look at some of the places Kheradpir has worked and some of the things that he has accomplished in his amazing career.

His Time At One of The Largest Banks In The Country

Kheradpir also spent time working for the very large Barclays bank. Here he worked to develop customer products to help make banking services more streamline and easy to use. He was responsible for helping to create Pingit software which allowed customers to be able to make payments using their smart devices. This was hailed as one of his greatest accomplishments while working at Barclays. While at Barclays, Kheradpir become the first technology executive to be allowed to sit on the executive board. No one before him was given this amazing opportunity to contribute to the bank.

Kheradpir Becomes CEO of Juniper

During his time at Juniper Networks ,he spearheaded an Integrated Operating Plan in which he helped the company buy back stocks which helped increase dividends. This really added value to the company and the shareholders were very pleased with this smart financial move. Kheradpir worked his way up to CEO of the company before he stepped down in November of 2014.

Kheradpir Gives Back To The Community

Kheradpir has also given back to the community in which he is a part of by serving as an advisory member at the Greater New York YMCA. His work at the YMCA was greatly appreciated and many members of the community was thankful for his time spend on the board. Kheradpir also has served as a member of the engineering council at his Alma mater, Cornell University, helping the school make decision on education and development.

S’well bottles and Saving the Earth

To make people aware of the huge problem we are having in this world of plastic bottles being used and then put in landfills where it takes them thousands of years to break down. Cod Steaks decided to make a piece of art depicting the problems animals in the ocean have with the plastic bottle being thrown in the ocean. With Artists Project Earth building the piece of art, and help with the funding from the Arts Council in England, they built a life-size replica of two whales coming out of water made of plastic. It is called “The Bristol Whales,” It is a mammoth piece of art with the total length being eighty feet and weighing 8 tons, the art is made from willow and the water is made from plastic bottles. It is really quite impressive.

While reading an article I found on the website-TakePart-I found out about a great new product that came out from a company call S’well. They have a great product that will solve a really big problem we have in this country of plastic water bottles being used then thrown away. We put an astronomical amount (over 50 billion) of plastic bottles in landfills all over this country every year that take forever to disintegrate and just take up space. There are over two hundred billion plastic bottles thrown away all over the world every year. This isn’t good for the environment or this earth. Another problem is that when plastic water bottles get really warm or cold, they give off chemicals that are released that are very dangerous for your health.

S’well has come up with a really great product to solve these problems. The company has designed a bottle that will keep drinks cold for one full day (twenty-four hours) and keep drinks hot for one half of a day (twelve hours). The opening is big enough for ice cubes and is made of stainless steel. It will fit in your cup holder in your car and does not have any condensation at all! Isn’t that great? The bottles come in all different colors and come in four different types of finishes-matte, glitter, shiny, or stone. They are also available in three sizes-small to fit in your purse (9 ozs.) price is $25, medium for exercise classes and in the car (17 ozs.) price is $35 and large for all day use (25 ozs.) price is $45. You can even have them customized with your name, your company name or a charity name.