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BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães Will Sponsor Tennis Pro Marcelo Melo

Ricardo Guimarães has always been a successful banker and businessman. He learned how to make money in Brazil at an early age. His family has been in the banking business for more than 85 years. Guimarães knows spending money in the right places can bring unexpected as well as expected rewards to any challenge. BMG Bank is a good example of Guimarães drive to succeed. The family owned bank from Minas Gerais is now a powerhouse in the consignment credit industry in Brazil. BMG Bank may be smaller than the government-controlled banks, but it makes more money and has more prestige than his bank competitors.
Mr. Guimarães has a definite strategy when it comes to marketing and exposing his bank to the massive Brazilian population. BMG Bank has a strong connection with Brazilian football and other sports, but Guimarães surprised everyone recently when he signed an agreement with the number one doubles tennis player in the world. Marcelo Melo and Guimarães think their relationship will help Melo get more recognition, and BMG Bank will get more payroll loan exposure. BMG Bank is one of the main players in payroll loans and 6’8” Melo is considered the best doubles player in the world after he and partner Ivan Dodig won the French Open this year. Melo is the first Brazilian to win a French Open doubles title match. In 2007. Melo got to the quarterfinals at the US Open with his regular partner André Sá, and in 2009, Melo and his American partner Vania King made it to the mixed doubles final at the French Open.
Marcelo grew up in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Belo Horizonte is not known for producing great tennis players, and Minas Gerais is not known for its successful banks. But the combination of tennis player Melo and BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães seems like a match made in heaven. Both men have the desire to help Brazil become a world-class tennis country. According to an article published by Melo will wear the BMG Bank logo on his shirts and the logo will also be displayed om other tennis equipment.
BMG Bank plans to wear tennis shirts with the BMG logos in the bank. Employees already wear football jerseys on special days, so the tennis shirt will add more credibility to BMG Bank’s payroll loan product. The first reaction from some Brazilians has been positive. It’s Brazil’s turn to shine in the sports world, and it’s BMG Bank’s turn to shine in the banking world.

Beneful: The Different Ways To Love Our Dogs

When it comes to dog nutrition, no one knows it better than Purina brand. This company has been making pet food that people have trusted for generations. Now, dog lovers are raving about Purina Brand Beneful, a healthy line of food that dogs love. Beneful blends meaty protein and fresh produce in several varieties.

Beneful Original

Many dogs love dry dog food, and Beneful has different blends for them to try. Beneful’s Original has the delicious meat that they crave, such as beef, chicken, or salmon. The meet comes from whole sources, not questionable bi-products. They will get healthy antioxidents with the special blend of carrots, spinich, and peas, all in a scrumptious kibble.

Beneful Healthy Weight

Like humans, some dogs tend to overeat and can have weight problems. Excess weight in dogs can lead to health problems such as joint pain, heart and lung problems, as well as diabetes. Beneful‘s Healthy Weight dry formula offers dogs a delicious crunch of pure protein and beneficial vegetables with reduced calories. Dogs can eat hearty and lose weight so they can be active and live longer.

Beneful Healthy Puppies

Puppies are not miniature dogs. Just as in human babies, puppies need special formulas for growing strong bones and teeth. Beneful Healthy Puppies is a blend of meat, fruit, and vegetables with the special vitamins and minerals growing puppies need. The kibble is smaller for tiny teeth to enjoy.

Beneful Wet Food for Dogs

Vets often recommend that dog owners give their dogs a blend of hard and wet foods. Sometimes, it is easier for smaller or older dogs to eat wet food. Beneful has an awesome assortment of wet dog food in gourmet blends, such as beef, salmon, or chicken. This brand is not just an unrecognizable brown blob. Dog owners can see the whole pieces of meat, vegetables, and fruit packed in a tempting gravy. Dogs will feel like they are eating at a fine restaurant.

Beneful Baked Delights

One of the best ways to train dogs is with a delicious treat. Also, dogs enjoy an occasional healthy snack between meals. Beneful Baked delights blends some of their favorite flavors, such as bacon & cheese, peanut butter & cheese, or apple & bacon. Dogs get a burst of flavor when they bite into the crunchy shell to the center. These delightful treats are a great way to tell our dogs that we love them.

Jon Urbana is Equipping our Youth, Preserving the Earth

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead

When you mix commitment, dedication to a cause, and the energy of our youth, we can indeed change the world! Earth Force is an organization committed to creating an avenue that engages our youth to reach this goal. Started by Jon Urbana, head of Business Development for Ellipse USA, he has set out through a Facebook drive to mobilize the youth of Denver, Colorado through the charitable organization Earth Force. Earth Force is dedicated to involving youth to become activists with the goal of improving their local environments. Jon understands what many of us already know, our youth are passionate, active, and essential in creating a world of beauty for the next generation.

To this end, Jon has created a Go Fund Me page to raise money to ensure that Earth Force continues to have a positive impact in improving the beauty of our natural environment and ensure that future generations receive the same benefit and enjoyment that we currently experience. In a lengthy post at, Urbana issued an open plea for help in meeting the fundraiser’s financial goals. The story was picked up by several news outlets, including this article at Bloomberg and a video he uploaded to YouTube (below) that capped the drive quite nicely.

Go Fund Me has become a popular avenue for fundraising efforts. People use the internet for everything: shopping, communicating, entertainment and thanks to the ease of go fund me, charitable causes. The site allows individuals or groups an avenue to promote and bring awareness to their cause.

Urbana has a long history of being a highly followed figure – @jonurbana1 on Twitter – and is involved with youth and certainly knows their potential to impact the world around them. Jon is a co-founder of a youth lacrosse camp in the summer, one of the best in Colorado (proof here).

The camp founder knows firsthand the potential of our youth when they are energized and committed, and hopes to blog about the experience, harnessing this energy and to involve and engage even more youth in making long term commitments to the improvement, cleanliness, and beauty of the earth.

A man with many interests, Urbana is a master aviator and an electronic music artist who’s shared a bunch of his songs. Listen to Urbana’s latest music here.

If you would like to join Jon in this venture, you can contribute at the go fund me page for Earth Force here: Let’s all work together to engage our youth in a cause worthy of our support.

Discover Marcio Alaor As An Astute Manager

BMG is a privately owned enterprise that is owned by the family of Pentagna Guimaraes. The family is actively engaged in the in the financial industry in Brazil, and they have been working hard to make sure they provide valuable products that are beneficial to organizations and individuals as well. The bank has been striving to provide clients with consumer financing and also wholesale financing to the public. Since 1980, the bank has been delivering the financial assistance to the heavy and light vehicles. BMG bank provides payroll loans, something that the bank has been doing efficiently, making the firm be the leader in the industry.

Marcio Alaor functions as the president and the chief executive officer of the bank. Recently, he oversaw the signing of an agreement with Itau Unibanco, which was meant to foster the equitable distribution of the payroll loan and making the process commercial. The companies eventually united, making it possible for both to concentrate solely on the provision of payroll loans. BMG greatly benefited from the merger as it saw it as a chance to venture into other sectors of the market such as the provision of BMG Empresas, payroll credit cards, and financing of used vehicles. BMG Empresas made it possible for the firm to fund other small and middle sized enterprises. The bank is full of success stories, and it can provide useful lessons to the banks that are new in the market on how bank affairs should be managed.

Marcio Alaor has a lot of experience in bank affairs, and he also has impeccable managerial skills. He has been able to guide the bank to a lot of success within a short time, something that has made the bank become one of the best banks in Brazil. The banks policy is to ensure everybody who gets employment at the firm has the necessary qualifications. When the employees of the bank have the necessary credentials, it means that the clients get quality services, something that results in customer satisfaction hence boosting growth of the bank. The directors perform their functions in an independent manner, which makes it easy for them to stick to the set code of conduct provided by the shareholders. Internal audit has been made available by the bank, and the bank also has a section that mainly handles investor relations. The office takes care of the issues that may relate to money laundering.

George Soros: Remaining True To His European Roots

Born in Hungary, George Soros left Europe at only 26 in 1956. Since then he has mostly lived in the USA where he has made billions of dollars as an investor. The hedge fund he founded in 1973, Soros Management Fund, is considered one of the most successful hedge funds in history. Yet, despite living in the USA for close to 60 years, Soros heart and mind has never really left Europe. Such is his keenness and passion for European affairs that few things happening in Europe escape his attention.
Take the Ukrainian crisis for example. When at the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis Russia annexed Crimea, Europe and America were at a loss on how to respond in the most effective way. Soros, long a supporter of democratization efforts in Eastern Europe, was ready with a response- arm Ukraine to better defend itself against Russian-backed separatists in the east of the country and give it more financial support to help it end Russian stranglehold on its economy. Through speeches and articles to major newspapers he hoped to influence the EU and the USA to adopt his stance. Unfortunately this was never to be. Even if the USA and EU did not act on his advice fully, it is remarkable that 59 years after leaving Europe Soros still retains his passion for European affairs as if he never left Europe in the first place.
Even before the Ukrainian crisis could be solved, Europe was again hit by a serious refugee crisis. Conflicts in Syria, Afghanistan and other countries in the Middle East and Africa forced hundreds of thousands of refugees to seek safety and economic opportunity in Europe. With many European countries unsure of how to respond to the crisis, Soros was again ready with an answer to the problem- allow the refugees into Europe, distribute them fairly among EU’s member states and give them the means to start a new life. Like his advice on how to solve the Ukrainian crisis, apart from Germany, Sweden and Austria, few other nations followed this advice. However, it is worth noting that even though America too faces a migrant crisis, Soros has been far more vocal on the European one than the American one thus clearly demonstrating where his heart lies.
Soros focus on European affairs is not just limited to times of crises. Through his Open Society Foundation, he has provided significant financial support to pro-democracy civil society groups in Eastern Europe, founded a university in Germany whose purpose is to promote critical thinking and paid university fees for thousands of young gifted men and women from poor and disadvantaged groups like the Roma people.
During the First World War, Ted Roosevelt was among a group of famous people who berated what they called ‘hyphenated Americans’. For Soros, a Hungarian-American, there is no conflict between his European and American identity. To be a good American doesn’t mean showing your back to your roots. Although from the examples discussed above there is no denying that Soros perhaps considers himself more of a European than an American.

You can learn about other great enterpreneurs like Soros From Forbes.

George Soros And The Open Society Foundations.

We possess a naturally imperfect understanding of the world. We should, therefore, seek to gain knowledge by opening up our minds to new ideas and maintaining active interactions with others.
Most social institutions are also imperfect by nature and must also open up their ideological foundations to function properly. Communism and Anarchism were ideologies of the past that have no place in the new world order. George Soros is inspired by the potential of human beings in a world of endless possibilities. There’s a lot man can do for the benefit of the entire race.
However, individual and social entities such as states tend to guard their beliefs selfishly often disregarding the beliefs and practices of others. According to George Soros, we must learn to live in harmony despite our underlying differences.
An open society permits pluralism where all voices of reason are received, and individuals are not victimized based on their political, cultural or religious affiliations. Such a society places a high value on human life. It has well-developed systems that foster equality and protects previously oppressed, vulnerable and marginalized groups.
The Open Society Foundations have influenced the fundamental principles of many societies around the world. These organizations pursue excellent courses within their communities and regions. They have had a significant contributing influence in places such as Europe after the cold war as well as Africa.
George Soros helped establish an open and democratic society in Ukraine after the cold war. His efforts have proved fruitful decades later with the successful integration and cooperation among the Ukrainian population. In South Africa, George Soros condemned the atrocities committed during the Apartheid war. With thousands of political prisoners illegally detained, he managed to offer free legal counsel through his networks.
Throughout Europe, the open society foundations have fostered for unity and common purpose. In Germany, a Central European University was established decades ago to promote and nurture critical thinkers. The institution connects and accommodates great minds across the continent.
Throughout his career and early life, George Soros always had a passion for education. He admits his intellect developed while attending higher education at the London School of Economics. He has always granted scholarships to needy students across the world especially in young democracies such as Burma and Afghanistan.
Governments natural tend to abuse their powers. The presence of civil organization promotes transparency and accountability from the authorities. An open society allows such institutions of good will to operate. According to George Soros, only a pure democracy can accommodate the tenets of a free society. In a democracy, the citizens participate in government policy making. They also take part in condemning wrong doings.
George Soros has individually condemned acts of violence and abuse of human rights. Such controversial occasions include the Guantanamo Bay topic, the current European humanitarian crisis, and the war-mongering activities in the mining industry.
An open society demands action to safeguard the dignity of human life.
The Open Society Foundations have managed to penetrate and take up the interests of some of the most marginalized groups around the world.

Keeping It Going

Today’s Lesson Of Money
It was not too long ago that the country of Brazil began its time of economic thrive.In the year of 2003 the drive of the economy allowed many that could never before take their chance with their future by getting into the market themselves.How was this possible you may ask well because when this new time came there were banks willing to fill the needs of the people.One of these banks being BMG who is lead even today by no other then BMG CEO and President Ricardo Guimarães.

When the credit boom arrived BMG was more then willing to take the work.Even today after all of these years they are still working around the clock.Now when BMG started with this new drive in total their chest of fortune was just a little over a few hundred million.But today it is well over a hundred billion through the hard work done by its expert team of bankers.Over 80 billion of this profit was build alone by the personal credit service that is provided by the bank.Now yes there are other forms making their marks here and there but the personal is the golden apple when it comes to this market.

A bank of his nature does not make history without getting into it with another bank time and time again.When you ask how BMG has made the steps needed to get to the top well that is simple.Because they have fought against well over two dozen other banks to reach their goal.So it comes to show that even today they still have what it takes to get to the finish line.

Still Going
What has allowed this bank along with its leader BMG CEO and President Ricardo Guimarães to keep this machine going is the never ending need for credit.Now yes we know that regular people are using this around the clock but what about other people with more complex needs?

To your surprise when you look at the more complex jobs you will be looking at sports out of all things.The brands that run the Olympics from time to time need pros to help them keep their check books in order.That is why BMG helps these business men and their players keep all the fine details of their cash flow in fine order.So with all said the small guys are not the only one.

The Life And Career Of George Soros


George Soros is one of the most famous people in the world of economics and politics today. He has been very influential in dictating economic policy in countries across the world. He has a firm grasp of how financial markets work throughout the world. In the past, he has used this knowledge to make a lot of money off of his investments. One of his most famous trades involved shorting the British pound where he made a huge amount of money. George Soros is one of the richest people in the world today. He uses his wealth for causes that he cares about. Here are several important facts from the life and career of George Soros.

Early Life and Education

George Soros was born into a poor family in the nation of Hungary. During this time, they were oppressed because they were Jewish. George Soros knew that in order to succeed in life he would have to move to a different country. He would eventually move to the nation of England and attend one of the best colleges in the country. The London School of Economics has a long list of notable alumni. Over the long term, this educational foundation was essential to the life and success that George Soros was able to earn. Anyone who wants to see how someone can rise from poverty to riches should look at the life of George Soros. It was during this early part of his life that he discovered his love for financial markets. He began his career as a securities analyst at a company. He quickly moved up the ranks of the company and would eventually go on to found his own financial firm.

Investment History

George Soros was able to make many successful and famous investments throughout his time in the workforce. Once he founded an investment firm, he knew that he would be able to really invest in areas that he believed in. One example of this was when he shorted the British Pound. After this trade, he was known as the man who broke the Bank of England. This referred to his ability to see what others in the market could not as it related to the British Pound being overvalued. Although this is his most famous trade, he was able to be successful in many other areas of economics as well.

Political Beliefs

George Soros is also known for his left leaning political beliefs. He has many different ways of supporting these beliefs through his financial power. Over the long term, he has been able to influence many elections around the world. George Soros is one of the richest men in the world, but he is also one of the most influential because of his financial net worth. Over the long term, many people expect that he will continue to invest in causes that he believes in. Whether you agree with his policies or not, he is a great story of rising above poverty to wealth.

George Soros – Philanthropist – Progressive – Financial Wizard

Revered by many. Disliked by some. George Soros has been called one of the most successful investors in the world. Some have placed Mr. Soros on a short list of the world’s “Greatest Investors”.

Mr. George Soros has also earned the moniker of bank buster in some financial circles. Shorting the British pound, made him a cool one billion dollars profit in less than one day. That part time bet earned Mr. Soros the often repeated title as “the man that broke the Bank of England”. Five years later, Soros turned his gaze to Asia. His suspected currency moves, some feel, precipitated the 1998 Asian monetary crisis. He may have been a lucky and innocent bystander. However, George Soros did hold some good sized wagers on the Thai Baht currency. Thailand is where the crisis started, spreading throughout the rest of Asia.

Mr. Soros has also been a very successful hands-on investor on While sitting at the helm of the Quantum Fund, finding customers was not one of his daily problems. The Quantum Fund gained notoriety with annual returns averaging more than 28 percent.

Fighting and beating odds against him in a successful way has been a habit throughout much of Mr. Soros life. A refugee from Hungary in the late 1940’s, he made his way to England. Hard work and diligence allowed him to complete his education in Economics. After four years, working in entry level positions, Soros headed for America. In the next twenty years, Mr. Soros worked for some of the most successful financial firms in New York. In 1973, he took a big step and started his own hedge fund, bearing his name and growing later into Quantum.

More Than A Financial Wizard
George Soros is also a man that cares about others, especially the oppressed. One wonders if this is a result of his early years and flight from Hungary. Soros is a fighter against right-wing efforts to disenfranchise voters. His efforts in this area will aid minorities, the disabled, and the poor keep voting rights.

Open Society Warrior – George Soros
Soros leads a fight to ensure governments respect human rights. He wants to ensure governments are accountable for things they do. He does this by leading a group of 100 worldwide organizations known as the Open Society. These efforts ensure the George Soros reputation as a unique philanthropist.

Madison Street Capital: A Place Businesses Can Trust

In this edition of Today in America, host Terry Bradshaw gives a rundown on the issues with the financial sector. He also gives a detailed explanation as to why Madison Street Capital is an important asset to helping businesses and individuals stay ahead of the crisis involving the issues that plague the financial institutions. Even after multiple changes, establishments are finding it harder to find the capital funds that they needs to continue to run their business regardless of the amount of time their business has been in operation. Due to the tight confidentiality that the financial industry has begun to work under, the financial establishments are disinclined to discuss business deals whether they have been successful or not. This has made simple business transactions, such as selling a business, difficult for any owner accomplish through the aid of a financial organization.

Luckily, there are third party establishments, such as the Madison Street Capital, that has the sole purpose of helping businesses know and understand their financial difficulties and how to overcome them. Madison Street Capital, for example, has made a reputation for having high standards of integrity and honesty that gives their clients reasons to trust them with their finances. Also, the advisers are highly trained and educated in the investment world so that they understand how to deal with the toughest financial issues that their clients may bring to their table. For each client, an adviser at Madison Street Capital will study every aspect of the client’s business so that they can give a detailed explanation about how to fix the issues regardless of how bad the situation may be for the client. The advisers will tell the clients what they have done wrong and why. Although this might be a risky move for the advisers, the goal at Madison Street Capital is to advise the potential client in the best direction starting from the ground up so they can achieve the financial help they need to continue their business.

With the economy shifting, many companies have a hard time staying ahead of the game. Many executives and business owners do not fully understand the world of finances; therefore, they need third party companies that they can trust to help them have a better understanding of how to reach their financial goals. Madison Street Capital is one of the few companies that there is a light at the end of a long, dark tunnel.