Jason Hope and the Internet of Things

An interview outlined in “2017’s Best New IoT Gadgets for Men”, Jason Hope has been highly regarded as the next innovator in “Internet of Things”. The article explains that Internet of Things is essentially a network of interconnected gadgets. For instance, some of the more popular Internet of Things gadgets include devices that measure your steps or how well you’re sleeping at night. These gadgets even include those that are used to control your home security or start your car. Jason Hope believes that soon, every home in the developed world will rely on their internet of things gadgets. And eventually, the entire world will use these networks of gadgets in one way or another. The key to innovation, according to Mr. Hope, is focus. He dedicates his time reading and sharing the latest scientific, medical and technological breakthroughs in order to channel his inspiration.

Hope is an Entrepreneur and Investor from Temple, Arizona. After earning both a Bachelors in Finance and an MBA from Arizona State University, he began his journey into mobile communication technology with the creation of the company Jawa. This company was nearly instantly profitable, and this is exactly what initially inspired him to pursue entrepreneurship further because of the large segment of people he was able to reach with his company.

Today, he owns a portfolio of technology companies ranging from marketing to business information systems. Not only this, but much of his time is spent researching medical news and breakthroughs. His current interests include the study of anti-aging and disease prevention through preventative measures. This passion also shows clearly in his philanthropic engagements. He takes the most pride in his long term support of the SENS Foundation. This was one of the first foundations that caught his attention and has made significant progress with his help. The foundation focuses its work on reversing terminal illness through advanced technology and preventative care.

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Model Citizens

Beloved American entertainer Groucho Marx may have hit it out of the park when he so astutely conveyed, “politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies.” His thoughtful insight into the hoard of shenanigans that seem to imminently encompass the political arena was sure to have struck a nerve with many, who have always asked the age old question – “politics or politricks”.


That said, you can bet your bottom dollar that the overt murkiness of this past presidential election, and it’s jolting results have done nothing to simmer the speculation of traditionary shady tactics looming about.


Do you ever wonder what would happen if a new surging political action committee formed out of nowhere to combat suspect dealings within Super PACs during political elections? What if there was a group that aligned because of the sole purpose of reforming campaign finance? Well, wonder not my friends, because End Citizens United PAC is at your service!


In case you didn’t know, End Citizens United PAC are the new kids on the block. Legend has it that they were started by a group of angered Democrats who weren’t too keen on President Trump’s victory, and how he went about obtaining the coveted role as leader of the free world. They took aim at making a big splash in 2016 and didn’t disappoint by a long shot. With a strategy to channel millions of dollars to promising Democratic candidates running for the House and Senate, they’ve got some lofty plans in store.


If this new committee sounds familiar, then you’re on to something. They actually acquired their namesake in an effort to pass a constitutional amendment, to reverse the Supreme Court’s Citizens United 2010 decision that in essence, helped super PACs open the floodgates with illegitimate monies during political campaigns. And it’s precisely this type of behavior that End Citizens United is looking to eradicate from politics altogether.


End Citizens United definitely practices what they preach. By functioning as a traditional PAC, they are prohibited from taking donations larger than $5,000 from an individual donor. I’d say that’s quite refreshing!


So as you can see, if you’re not akin to the way today’s politics are being played out, you’re far and away not alone in your thinking. And with End Citizens United PAC right in the thick of things, change is sure to come sooner, rather than later.


Jose Henrique Borghi Secret to Success

Jose Henrique is the founder of one of the largest advertising agencies in Brazil, Mullen Lowe. Jose Henrique Borghi started his career journey in 1989 at the Standard Ogilvy, and over the years, he has become a label in the advertising industry. His company has been awarded several campaign ads including Parmalat that featured stuffed animals, Sazon, and Fiat. Being a successful business, one would expect Jose to lead a complicated life, but he revealed otherwise in an interview.

He uses sports to handle his ever tight job routine

Other than running Mullen Lowe Brasil, Jose is an active sportsman which he uses to help him handle his demanding work routine. He lives near his workplace and always carries a backpack with sneakers and shorts, and if he arrives from a trip, he will change in the sports clothes and go running home.

He believes everyone has time; it’s just a matter of discipline

Many people claim they have no time to carry out some duties, but Jose believes that having a controlled and dynamic daily routine can give you time for work and personal stuff. For instance, Jose Henrique makes a point of dining and sleeping at his home every day. Over the weekends, he spends time with his kids.

Advertising career

His passion in advertising started when his sister took him to a Castro Mendes Theatre show. Although he wasn’t sure what to expect when going, Jose knew what he wanted to do with his life when he left the theater. Today, he has a made a name for himself in the Brazilian advertising industry being the president of Mullen Lowe, the third largest ad agency in the country.

The ad agency has over 300 employees and takes pride in several advertising awards, an indication that the agency is on the right wave. The company’s achievements can be credited to their focus on helping clients achieve success and fame in the highly competitive market. They focus more on bringing results to each specific customer.

Don Ressler Promotes New Ways for People to Shop

One of the biggest goals that Don Ressler had for the Fabletics and JustFab companies was the ability to make sure that they were doing something to bring real change to the retail market. He wanted to try new things and wanted to be able to help other people with the problems that they were having. Don Ressler did what he could to solve problems and focused his efforts on all of the problems that women faced. TechStyle helped to make things more convenient for people who were shopping and also made sure that people were getting what they could out of different situations according to onmogul.com. It was something that changed the market and made things easier for everyone.

TechStyle grew because people liked the convenience that came from it. Don Ressler wanted to make sure that things would be convenient and that people would be able to get exactly what they needed. When Don Ressler first created the brand, the idea was to make sure that it would grow and continue to profit. Since it has been profiting, Don Ressler wants to make sure that it continues to grow to meet the demands of people who are in different areas and who can get everything that they need from the shopping experience.

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Don Ressler thought that it would be important to help people grow in the way that they wanted to with Fabletics and JustFab. While he used JustFab to make the TechStyle name popular and something that people knew about, he decided that Fabletics would be his chance to really make the brand grow on BusinessInsider.com. It was an opportunity for him to branch out and to make thigns better for everyone. It also gave him a chance to explore a different market in accessories and fashion.

By using a brand ambassador like Kate Hudson, Don Ressler knew that Fabletics would be a great place for people to get their clothing. Kate Hudson was someone who most people recognized and she was able to tell them more about the brand. The fact that she was able to design many of the clothes for the brand is a bonus that Don Ressler was not expecting whne he chose her to be a brand ambassador. By making all of the right choices, he has made sure that TechStyle continues to remain a huge part of the industry and grows along with the industry needs.

Find more about Don Ressler: http://www.techstyle.com/about-us/leadership/

The Highlights of Media Advertising and Marketing by José Henrique Borghi

Numerous media platforms have made the development of Ads a little more involving because advertising has come of age in regards to capturing the viewers’ minds. José Henrique Borghi has been the sought after media personality in the Brazilian market for his creativity and innovation. He is behind some of the most appealing Ads such those for the Unilever, Mitsubishi, Honda, American Express, Johnsons &Johnsons, Western Union, Royal Caribbean, Google and General Motors. These Ads relate to the target market.

José Henrique Borghi started off at the Standart Ogilvy agency, then to the Leo Burnett Agency as the Vice- President in 1989. In 2002, he became the agency’s President. To soar to higher heights, he decided to establish advertising agency. He partnered with Erh Ray to launch the BorghiErh Creative Intelligence agency. Jose Borghi merged the company with the Lowe & Partners after splitting with Erh Ray to form the Mullen Lowe Advertising Agency.

The Mullen Advertising Agency named Jose Borghi as the ad agency’s President. They would co-CEO with Andre Gomes. This is a big achievement considering the empire it is today and where it came from. They worked extremely hard since they had constrained funds and no supporters/ figures to push them forward. Fortunately, their effort bore fruits, any discussion about the Brazilian Advertising Industry, the Mullen Ad Agency must pop out to learn more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBZUAB2iP5o click here.

About Jose Henrique Borghi

He studied Advertising and Propaganda from the Pontifical Catholic University. He immediately started chasing his dreams Advertising Industry. He has worked form agencies such as; FCB, DM9/DDB, Standart Ogilvy Agency, Leo Burnett, BorghiErh, and Mullen among others.

The awesome Mammal of Parmalat Ad for wildlife conservation and the Claudia Magazine AD about gender violence and denouncing it is Jose Henrique Borghi’s work. For his notable work in content creation, promotion, marketing, and product development have earned him recognition and awards. He has received coveted awards in the Clio Awards, Abril Awards, New York Film Festival and the Canne Film Festival.

Guideline to Becoming an Amazing Racquetball Player like Sawyer Howitt

People interested in becoming professional Racquetball players not only need to dedicate quality time for preparing, but they also need to prepare themselves for physical fitness. It is crucial that before embarking on the practice to do a thorough research since failure to do a research may result in individual’s quitting and giving up along the way. There is need to access your interest in the game. If you find out that your interest in the game is as a result of wealth, you can approach the profession in a business angle. You can after this make a plan of carrying forward so that you may eventually get the results you are seeking.

As an athlete, you ought to stick to your plan if you are to succeed. Discipline in following each training plan is essential. For you to get to the heights of a professional, there is the need for you to practice together with an already Racquetball professional. Most of the professionals are willing to share insights on getting to their heights and can thus verify your plan. It is important to make general plans only since the specific ones can be determined along the way.

Finding a coach who will keep you motivated is also a step worth considering. You can organize for meetings as you search for a coach who would perfectly match with you. Getting into the right physical shape is one requirement if you are to become a professional racquetball player like Sawyer Howitt. You need to be strong to stand a chance of competing with the professionals. You can after that keep on practicing since it makes perfect.

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While he is a role model to many, Sawyer Howitt has had his focus on racquetball from a tender age. He has over time grown to become an entrepreneurial athlete. Meriwether Group is privileged to have him as the project manager. The knowledge he has on business has paved the way for him to become a professional player. The U.S. Racquetball Association recognizes Sawyer. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

He can play the men’s singles, men’s doubles as well as the mixed doubles.

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The Veiled Wisdom Of Kabbalah is Now Available Worldwide

Today, there are Kabbalah Centres in over 40 cities worldwide, but they have only existed since 1922 when Rav Yoshlag started the first. They provide instruction on the principles of ancient wisdom called Kabbalah, which is spiritual wisdom that originated with Moses at the beginning of Judaism. The Kabbalists are interested in becoming closer to the revealed Light and its properties, and the core document for all Kabbalah is the book called Zohar.

Zohar is an ancient commentary on the Bible written by Rav Yochai in the second century. The actual writings present a mystery, including reincarnation and the path of redemption. The sole purpose of Kabbalah is to get closer to the Divine Light, and Kabbalah Centres are centered around that goal.

Kabbalah Centres were not formed earlier in their history because, in ancient days, it was passed down by word of mouth from specific rabbis and other religious people. During the days of early Israel, the study of Kabbalah was veiled and secretive. The phenomenon was associated with Jewish traditions that originated in the study of the Torah and the Jewish feast days.

Many of the ancient documents refer of religion to this time when the Jewish nation of Israel was being formed with Moses and the prophets. As it progressed through the ages, it never grew or was recognized by the public because it was kept in the elite groups.

Kabbalah is not a religion, so before the Kabbalah Centre, this form of spirituality remained a secret belief, not available for the public. Rav Ashlag completely changed that perspective when he established the first Kaballah Centre. Now anyone who was close to a Centre was invited to study the ancient documents and other literature that are taught.

Rav and Karen Berg studied in Israel for over 10 years, and in 2008 they established first Kabbalah Centre in America in NYC. In the lineage of Kabbalists, they translated many ancient documents other languages. Four years later, they started a Centre in San Francisco and, shortly after, one in LA. It was in LA that Kabbalah University is online daily, and now it is the largest Kabbalah Centre.

Tests Done For Life Line Screening Helps Save Lives Everyday

In today’s world, more people are suffering from heart disease than ever before. It has something to do with the way people eat as well as their lack of caring for themselves. When it comes to your health, you do not want to take any risks. You want to make sure that your health is cared for properly and that you are not at risk for developing any kind of disease down the road. With Life Line Screening, you can get that reassurance you are needing.

Life Line Screening is looked over by Dr. Manganaro is leading physician for the company. He is in charge of making sure that your care is closely guarded and that everyone who comes to the company looking for help is taken seriously. Let’s face it, with more people dying from heart disease than ever before, you want to make sure that you and your loved ones are cared for properly.

I know what you are thinking, you have an annual test performed each year and have an annual checkup done to make sure that your health is in top shape. If you want to trust that the one test done each year is accurate, then you don’t need to know anything more however if you are someone who feels that they would benefit from the screening process, check out Life Line Screening for additional information on the tests used for the screening process.

With the help of the tools used for the screening evaluations and the things that they can do with each test performed, more people are living longer, healthier lives than ever before. So far, more than 8 million people are looked after by the Life Line Screening process. That is a lot of people who are helped by the tests and tools used for the Life Line Screening.

If you or someone you love is looking to use the screening process are concerned with the way that the tests are performed, you can rest easy knowing that all your tests are done non-invasively. There are no surgeries used or performed in order to gain the results needed from the screening process. All tests are done as an outpatient and are done rather quickly. There are tools used to help gather all the data needed in order to obtain the right information and the right results.

The tests which are used in order to gain the right information can range from a simple EKG to an ultrasound of the heart. When it comes to images, the heart is going to be looked at carefully by checking the arteries and vessels of the heart. There are now tests being done as well to oversee the health of the lungs as well. If you are concerned that you suffer from a heart problem or lung problem, you will benefit from using Life Line Screening.




Troy McQuagge is an insurance and sales professional who has performed exceptionally in a field that is highly competitive. Troy has over 20 years of experience and this is seen by the ability to solve complex issues. Troy McQuagge has also been recognized as a person with world class communication skills and the ability to provide quality leadership.

Mr. Troy has a degree from the University of Central Florida (Bachelor of Arts in legal service) where he graduated in 1982.Mr. Troy has participated in several volunteer services. These services include volunteer donations to Simper Fi Fund (2015), volunteer donation Hopekids Dallas, charitable donation Crisis Nursery Phoenix (2012).

Troy previously worked as the president of marketing at the Health market for 11yrs 7months. In 2010, Troy McQuagge joined the USHEALTH and after success in rebuilding its captive distribution agency, he was elected to be the President and the CEO of the USHEALTH group in 2014. Mr. The message is viewed as a master planner because of his ability to come up with a plan, because of this Mr. McQuagge got several awards in his name. Click here to know more.

Bill Shelton, the senior vice president of USHEALTH advisor, labels him as a visionary business leader who is essential to a sales organization in order to achieve its true potential. Because of these exceptional leadership skills he was able to achieve more awards to his name, a total of 20 awards during his tenure at USHEALTH. Particularly in 2016 where he was awarded the

  • Gold Award – CEO of the Year
  • Gold Award – Company of the Year
  • Gold Award – Company of the Year, Accounting, Banking, Finance, Insurance
  • Gold Award – chief executive officer of the Year
  • Gold Award – Most Innovative chief executive officer of the Year
  • Gold Stevie Award – Company of the Year, Insurance
  • Silver Stevie Award – Field Sales Team of the Year
  • People’s Choice Award for Favorite Companies

The most current and prestigious award was the coveted One Planet Award. Mr. The message was named the CEO of the year at the prestigious one planet awards. This award honors businesses and organization with professional excellence in every industry, whether it’s big or small across the world. All the organizations in the world are allowed to bring their nomination papers and it doesn’t matter if it is big or small.

After being awarded the honor Mr. McQuagge didn’t hesitate to thank all the staff and members of the USHEALTH group.

Bruno Fagali: Restoring Integrity in Legal Practise

Bruno Fagali is a household name in the Brazilian legal circles. He is an accomplished attorney specializing in various aspects of law. Bruno Fagali assists agencies like Nova/SB in establishing government-standard compliance programs.

Mr., Fagali is an expert in advertising law, anti-corruption law, and regulatory law. He is also conversant with public law, Administrative, Urban, and Constitutional law. Bruno Fagali has established a successful career as a compliance specialist. He assists agencies in formulating compliance guidelines. This is per the anti-corruption regulations enacted in 2013 by the Brazilian government.

Bruno Fagali is currently the corporate integrity manager at an agency called Nova/SB. His main role is to establish compliance and ethical rules for the agency. Nova/SB agency has won tenders in several government programs like Caixa and BNDES. Additionally, Nova/SB has work partnerships with two other government units. These are Central Bank of Brazil and the Secretariat of Communication of the Presidency of the Republic.

Bruno Fagali was instrumental in establishing corporate integrity rules for Nova/SB agency. The ethical guidelines he formulated helped the agency build business relationships with clients. Mr. Fagali is also one of the experts who helped structure the agency’s Ethics committee.

Bruno Fagali has a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Law of the State, from the University of Sao Paulo. While at Pontifical Catholic University, Mr. Fagali took classes in administrative law. He later pursued more knowledge on administrative law while studying at FGV.

Mr. Fagali is passionate about corporate integrity and the importance of administrative propriety. He conducts training programs on Corporate Integrity to both individuals and established companies. Bruno conducts corporate Integrity programs in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Brasilia. On administrative law, Bruno Fagali focuses on Public Administration Control. He runs training programs to create awareness on the dangers of administrative impropriety. Bruno Fagali is the co-founder of Fagali Advocacy. He speaks both Spanish and English, and has moderate fluency in both French and Italian. As one of the rising lawyers in Brazil, Bruno ensures he exudes integrity and professionalism while providing attorney services to his clients.