The Word on the Street is that Honey Birdette is Coming to Your Town

Taking the lingerie industry by storm, Honey Birdette presents an upscale delicacy, for consumers to make patronage in various provocative apparel that can demonstrate seduction with a hint of class for the modern-day woman. Now, Honey Birdette is taking it to the next level by supplying access to a new group of consumers in the United States. This selected customer group can purchase from an arrange selection of lingerie on the new US adaptation of the Honey Birdette website. The reason for Honey Birdette taking this leap of faith was due to shocking 374% escalation in the US online transactions in a year.

Established by Eloise Monaghan in 2006 in Brisbane, Australia, she has created a business that focuses on customer satisfaction. For Honey, Birdette is determined to expand the horizons of their business by producing up to 40 stores by 2018. Honey Birdette is keeping their eyes on the prize, making it an objective for countries around the world to know who they are. Honey Birdette is just not any ordinary lingerie boutique; they also dabble in adult toys. Understanding the meaning of ecstasy, Honey Birdette attracts customers with a knowledge of indulgence for you and your partner.

Tenacity and precision are what Honey Birdette will bring to customers whether you are purchasing from one of their stores in Australia and the United Kingdom or carousing online. Honey Birdette is innovative in designing lingerie that can caress the curves of a woman and display a tantalizing fantasy of pleasure for her and her lover.

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Dr. Siegall’s Success

The biotech industry is one of the hottest industries in the world. Thousands of scientific studies are showing that with the right biotech, humanity could be free of all diseases and disorders. One of the leading experts on this is Dr. Clay Siegall. Dr. Siegall has a Ph.D. from the George Washington University.

In 1998, Dr. Siegall founded Seattle Genetics, a biotech firm developing targeted therapy drugs for diseases that haven’t made real advancements in decades. Since then, Dr. Siegall and his company developed the first FDA-approved antibody drug conjugate. Seattle Genetics used that drug to create more than 20 new drugs from the same strain.

Seattle Genetics has become one of the largest players in cancer research. For nearly 20 years, Seattle Genetics has produced dozens of drugs and continue adding to their list every year. Many consider Seattle Genetics the drug development company that will lead the rest of the industry into the 22nd century.

The biggest upside to biotech companies like Dr. Siegall’s is the focus on targeted therapies. The old way of treating an illness is too broad. It’s clear how more effective and efficient targeted drugs are. Dr. Siegall is creating a world with more effective treatments.

Dr. Siegall’s interest in medicine was clear. His path wasn’t always focused on medicine. Originally, he studied zoology. While studying at the University of Maryland, one of his family members became sick. He saw firsthand how devastating their cancer treatment was. The chemotherapy, not cancer, nearly killed them.

From then on, he began looking into other treatments. He noticed that other treatments involved more extreme methods like surgery and amputation. He devoted himself to finding a better way to help those suffering from seemingly deadly diseases.

Unlike other big drug companies, it wasn’t about the money. Money played a part because that’s how the world works. Originally, they were selling their own FDA-approved drugs. His company wasn’t profitable for 10 years. There isn’t a lot of money is drug development when the focus is actually helping people.


Thor Halversson Works Hard To  Fight For Human Rights

To Thor Halvorssen, the most important thing he can do is to use his time, money, and talent to fight for the human rights of people who are otherwise oppressed and have a difficult time fighting back. That’s why the 39 year old half- Venezulan half-Norwegian founded the New York based Human Rights Foundation in 2005. Since then he has worked tirelessly fighting for the end of dictatorships and other violators of human rights.

According to the Weekly Standard, Halvorssen is known for burning the candle on both ends, so to speak. Not only is he the leader and founder of this dedicated organizaion, but he also works as a fimmaker, creating documentaries that help to illustrate the lives and struggles that people around the world face.

Halvorssen is not your average do-gooder with a lot of money and time. Instead, he is a man on a mission. He knows first hand what it is like to live under an oppresive regime. He was born and raised in Caracass, Venezula, and experienced numerous hardships during his childhood. When he was young his father was arrested for his political beliefs and his mother was shot by police during an otherwise peaceful demonstration protesting his father’s arrest.

These experinces fuel Halvorssen, which is why he works so hard. One of his current missions involves fighting agaist the North Korean goverment, and his efforts have earned him the nickname “Troublemaker for Tyrants”. He helps to smuggle information out of North Korea by providing dissenters with special flashdrives and a wiki page where they can share their stories and experiences.

Halvorssen and his organization believe that the best way to stop dictatorships is by sharing the stories of the people who are living under them. By getting the word out and exposing these human rights violations, the hope is that organizations with more authority, such as governments and the UN will use their resources to end these human rights violations. In the meantime, Thor Halvorssen and his organizaion will continue to work hard and spread awareness of thier cause until everyone’s human rights are respected. for more .

Renown Health is Famous for Their Health Care in Northern Nevada

Renown Health is a renowned source for health and wellness in the northern area of Nevada. Just as their name Renown Health identifies, they are prominent, well-thought-of, and acclaimed for their health care. They are making a difference in their “not-for-profit” health care.

What Makes Renown Health Care Different?

They are making a name for themselves because of the healthcare they provide. They are 1 of 90 health systems in the United States that owns its health insurance plan. Therefore, they are not dictated by outside sources on how they can treat their patients.

This healthcare entity is 1 of 281 physician-led hospital facilities.

What Are A Few Of Their Best Health Practices?

  • Care and Exercise for your Heart after a heart attack
  • Care and Help for Cancer Patients – Caring for the entire body for optimum health
  • Care for children and their health needs. Ensuring they are protected against such illnesses as Meningitis. Teens and their cell phone habits.
  • Women’s Health related to pregnancy, breast cancer, heart attacks and more. Menopause, exercise, and childbirth.
  • Looking at aging in a healthy way. Seniors and Stroke signs, symptoms and treatment. Healthcare for Alzheimer’s patients
  • Hospice Care and patient assistance

Renown Health strives to provide the correct care and awareness for every patient in every set of circumstances to ensure they receive the best available healthcare for their family and themselves. Click here to know more.

Renown Health maintains a calendar of events for their patients and subscribers:

  • Walk with a Doc
  • Grief Support Groups
  • Breastfeeding Forum
  • Cancer Support Groups
  • Baby and Family Suites
  • Support Group for Dementia Caregivers
  • Breastfeeding Classes
  • Spine Surgery Pre-op Class
  • Advance Directive Workshops
  • Osteoporosis and Bone Health
  • Childbirth Education
  • Infant CPR and many more informative health and awareness classes

Renown Health is more than insurance coverage and care, they keep their members and patients informed of health improvement and care.

Speak with a representative who would be happy to answer your questions and provide additional information. Call 775-982-4100


Life Line Screenings can Prevent Catastrophic Health Problems

Dr. Andrew Manganaro, FACS, FAC, and Chief Medical Officer and National Medical Director of Life Line Screening, the largest health screening company worldwide was recently interviewed by Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, by CEOCFO Magazine. The interview, of course, led to what it takes to direct and manage a company this large and remain the best and largest company of its type. Having screened over 8 million people for cardiovascular disease, it says a lot for the management skills needed to operate a firm of this size.

Dr. Manganaro has devoted his career to vascular and cardiovascular disease. Quite often the catastrophic health problems found in patients could have easily been avoided had a screening for vascular, abdominal and other correctable diseases being treated in early stages. Life Line Screening has saved thousands of patients from progressive heart disease that would have ended in fatality if not for the ability to perform lifesaving screenings.

The screening process of LLS, Life Line Screening goes beyond the annual physical of most patients. The screenings are non-invasive and offer the patient results of all tests to take back to their primary care physician. All equipment at LLS is state of the art technology operated by professional medical technicians and physicians.

The ongoing health screening campaign run by LLS offers patients the opportunity to take charge of their lives, has various screenings done and their health analyzed. Most times the screenings made by LLS are not covered by private medical insurance, but the cost for the screenings at Life Line Screening are certainly affordable and lifesaving.

Preventive medicine using ultrasound screening of the carotid arteries and abdominal aorta, plus other screenings does save lives and allows people to live healthier and longer lives. The reason the screenings are so affordable is to offer every person the opportunity for healthier living.


Adam Milstein and His Influence to the Israeli Community

Since time immemorial, impactful individuals have been remembered through the courses they helped champion and the races they helped run- at least not literally. One person busy writing his way into the great history books is Adam Milstein. Adam is a celebrated, real estate developer, philanthropist and most importantly the voice of the voiceless Israel community. For a man befitting his description Adam is nothing short of bundles of joy.


Adam Milstein, is an Israel native having been born in Haifa. Adam’s life was not easy, after being born his family relocated to Kiryat Yam and Kiryat Motzkin where he spent most of his childhood years before joining the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in 1973. Upon joining the IDF, Adam was deployed to serve at the Ariel Sharon’s Army division. Once the war was over, Adam hanged his boots, enrolled for a degree in business and economics, and graduated in 1978.


It is during his time while in school that Adam acquired some knowledge about the construction industry since he was able to help his father run the family business. Adam’s education did not stop with his undergraduate degree. 1983 saw Milstein graduate from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles with an MBA degree, where he started working for a real estate company as their sales agent.


In addition to his education qualification, Adam is a leader in different capacities. He chairs the board of the Israeli American Council (IAC). Through his leadership role at IAC, Adam seeks to build a vibrant group of Israel-Americans who are dominant all over the US.


The other leadership position Adam is involved in is at The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation where he holds the President position. This family foundation is a charitable organization that seeks to impact and educate young Israelites across the US on taking up leadership position and how to combat the challenges facing both the Israeli nation and the western world.


Adam Milstein is one individual who believes in the power of his own people. Through his philanthropic activities and leadership capacities, at least we are guaranteed of having a vibrant Israel community within the US sometime in the future if not now!




Testimonials from Securus Technologies Clients About their Services

There are many things that are ailing the correctional facility systems in the country. For instance, there was a time when it was close to impossible to contact someone who had been incarcerated. During those times, families used to use thousands of dollars per month to make phone calls. Getting things such as food stuff and other essentials to the people was really complicated and to make matters worse, insecurity levels made it almost impossible to trust that a loved one could make it out of the system. Five years ago however, Securus Technologies got into the scene, and they completely transformed the entire system in the country.


The many happy clients who have been in a position to get the services offered by Securus can attest to the fact that they are the best in their innovation. First, there is the fact that they monitor everything that happens in the correctional facilities which work with them. This helps the facilities to find out if there are criminal activities being planned and manage to intercept harmful substances such as weapons, cell phones and even drugs from getting inside the system. Some jails which have enlisted the help of Securus can confirm that it is one of their best helpers in this aspect.


The other great step that has been taken by Securus is that they have decided to venture into private businesses. They are offering their services to individuals who feel that they need the technological assistance. There are clients who have had issues with unscrupulous employees, and they have managed to tap into their conversations, get incriminating evidence and get them fired from their operations. These and many more are perhaps the reason that Securus has been winning as many awards as they have in the past. With the kind of leadership being offered by Rick Smith and the team at the top, things are bound to get even better for them.



Highland Capital Management: Remaking the World of Investment Strategies

Highland Capital Management, L.P. is an SEC-registered investment advisor. Highland’s workforce consists of employee partnerships. It is an alternative investment management firm that manages hedge funds, structured investment, and distressed investment funds. Highland with its affiliates has approximately $14.8 billion of assets. Highland was founded in 1993 and is based in Dallas and maintains offices in New York, Sao Paulo, Singapore, and Seoul.


Highland specializes in alternative investments which include emerging markets, long/short equities, and natural resources. Over the past 20 years, Highland’s base is diverse, including pension plans, foundations, endowments, corporations, governments and financial institutions.


Its investment opportunities include energy. The Highland Energy Multi Level Partnership (MLP) Fund provides its investors with both current income and capital appreciation. The MLP’s sponsors are pipeline customers for oil producers.


The Highland Small-Cap Equity Fund (HSZAX) generated a 32% return for its investors on energy stock in 2016. The fund has about $55 million in assets. The Highland Small-Cap Equity Fund, as of the end of 2016, allocated 9% for real estate, 10% for financials, 11% for customer discretionary, 16% for Energy MLP and 25% for health care.


The health care fund addresses the opioid addiction crisis. Collegiums Pharmaceutical Inc. produces a less addictive pain reliever and as such, is a potential sound investment. The manager of the health care sector is very interested in the outcome of clinical trials that are alternatives to the use of opioid. Collegiums Pharmaceutical Inc. developed Tampa ER, a pain reliever drug which is designed to reduce the chances of addiction. Thus, if the sales of Tampa ER increase, Collegiums would be a sound investment. The performances of companies in the other sectors are continually being tracked for investment potentials, such as the multifamily real estate investment trusts and pipeline operators.


The Highland Capital Management Partners functions as an innovation center for grooming entrepreneurs from the start-up stage. At this point, at least 64 companies are being followed by the Highland Capital Partners. Zero FOX protects organizations from the risks of social networking, and Harry’s makes the best razors for the smoothest shave.

Benefits Associated With Buying A Used BMW

If you are like a lot of other people, you’ve probably had your eye on a specific BMW luxury vehicle for a long time, but could not fit the vehicle into your budget. The best option is to buy a used BMW at Beverly Hills Auto Group. There are numerous advantages to buying a used BMW over a new model. Did you know that a new car loses most of its value the moment that you drive it off the lot? It’s true. A used BMW costs less and has a good resale value.


Beverly Hills Auto Group

If you are in the market for the ideal luxury car, look no further than Beverly Hills Auto Group. Beverly Hills Auto Group is an established leader in the used luxury car industry. They have a massive amount of luxury BMWs for you to explore or test drive. Schedule a test drive today at Beverly Hills Auto Group.

Next-Gen NuoDB Could-Technologies

In today’s evolving software markets, the only constant is change. NuoDB is an excellent next-gen company, providing outstanding cloud enabled systems based on proven SQL database technologies. In fact, NuoDB is an established prestigious company, recognized multiple times by Gartner (research and advisory firm) as a niche and innovative SQL compliant organization successfully contending in the cloud space. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, NuoDB was founded in 2008.

NuoDB technologies are what are referred to as SQL-oriented transactional database management systems (DBMS) designed for distributed cloud platforms. Application programs communicate with NuoDB with standard SQL statements, just as they do in a relational database. In fact, NuoDB manages to retain the characteristics of traditional SQL databases, while incorporating features for supporting scale-out processing (by easily adding more servers to the network when required.) Broadly speaking, NuoDB provides three outstanding levels of cloud support: (1) The first way is that NuoDB empowers customers with flexible and scalable database foundations to help them migrate their non-cloud applications into the cloud. (2) The second way is by actually helping clients automate the process of building entirely new cloud based applications. (3) And finally, NuoDB helps clients modernize and enhance their existing legacy cloud applications.

Hence, NuoDB empowers fortune 500 companies to dramatically increase value for their customers. It’s achieved by minimizing application down times, boosting response rates, ensuring reliable availability, and lowering infrastructure costs. NuoDB customers are also pleased by high compliancy with industry mandates. and use of lower cost machines.