Tests Done For Life Line Screening Helps Save Lives Everyday

In today’s world, more people are suffering from heart disease than ever before. It has something to do with the way people eat as well as their lack of caring for themselves. When it comes to your health, you do not want to take any risks. You want to make sure that your health is cared for properly and that you are not at risk for developing any kind of disease down the road. With Life Line Screening, you can get that reassurance you are needing.

Life Line Screening is looked over by Dr. Manganaro is leading physician for the company. He is in charge of making sure that your care is closely guarded and that everyone who comes to the company looking for help is taken seriously. Let’s face it, with more people dying from heart disease than ever before, you want to make sure that you and your loved ones are cared for properly.

I know what you are thinking, you have an annual test performed each year and have an annual checkup done to make sure that your health is in top shape. If you want to trust that the one test done each year is accurate, then you don’t need to know anything more however if you are someone who feels that they would benefit from the screening process, check out Life Line Screening for additional information on the tests used for the screening process.

With the help of the tools used for the screening evaluations and the things that they can do with each test performed, more people are living longer, healthier lives than ever before. So far, more than 8 million people are looked after by the Life Line Screening process. That is a lot of people who are helped by the tests and tools used for the Life Line Screening.

If you or someone you love is looking to use the screening process are concerned with the way that the tests are performed, you can rest easy knowing that all your tests are done non-invasively. There are no surgeries used or performed in order to gain the results needed from the screening process. All tests are done as an outpatient and are done rather quickly. There are tools used to help gather all the data needed in order to obtain the right information and the right results.

The tests which are used in order to gain the right information can range from a simple EKG to an ultrasound of the heart. When it comes to images, the heart is going to be looked at carefully by checking the arteries and vessels of the heart. There are now tests being done as well to oversee the health of the lungs as well. If you are concerned that you suffer from a heart problem or lung problem, you will benefit from using Life Line Screening.



The Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund is Furthering the Work of Civil Right Attorneys

Although it is illegal and against the federal justice, human rights are Always being violated, and this is not only true for the United States, but for any country in the world with their own institutional laws.

Human rights and civil rights are the guarantees that communities and individuals of that nation will be able to feel safe, secure, and have the same rights as all other people. This description, though, is not always respected, so some professionals ensure that these rules are followed step by step to ensure a safe environment for that nation.

Usually, lawyers who advocate defending the rights of the American end up fighting off against big corporations who are trying to use their influence to get an advantage over single individuals or even the contrary can happen very often. These professionals that have specialized in this area have to know by heart the extensive list of rules and descriptions of the federal law and what comprises the human rights of the U.S.

To become an attorney that advocates for civil rights, migrants’ rights, religious rights, and any other branch that comprises the human rights department, means to be continuously fighting against employment discrimination, prejudice and preconception against minorities like children, Americans who have physical or mental disabilities or illness, and the list goes on. Freedom of speech and expression is another major item that is included in this list and is one of most common problems from clients of these groups. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

It is quite hard to specialize in such a branching and demanding field like human rights, but these attorneys are not alone.

There are groups who fund this groups with their own capital to invest in their agencies and help keep the human rights lawyer groups up and running at their full potential.

One of these funding institutions is the Frontera Fund, created by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. If this duo’s name does not sound stranger to you, this is because they are the responsible partners for the foundation of Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media. Like you can notice, civil rights have always been one of their primary career objectives.

The Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund has the mission of allowing civil rights groups to fight prejudice while having the fund’s investment to back them up. Running your own office as an attorney can be tough, especially if you are just beginning your brand with your partner and both of you have decided to specialize in this branching area. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.bizjournals.com/phoenix/potmsearch/detail/submission/6427427/Jim_Larkin

In this case, The Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund allows for these groups all around the United States to focus their attention on winning court debates for their clients and restoring their rights as civilians of the nation while the Lacey and Larkey take care of the financial aspect of running your own business.

Having been target of the same abuse that these clients are suffering, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have already gone to jail in their past, even though they had not done anything. At that time, the Sheriff was the law, and they couldn’t do anything. Now, they utilize their settlement money to help groups advocate for people, so they don’t go through the same problems that the two partners did

The All-Round Talented Cassio Audi

Viper, a Brazilian heavy metal music group, was formed in 1985. Over the years, the group has remained active though with different band members. However, the members who started the group are still remembered for the record they set in the industry, Cassio Audi being one of them. He was the drummer of the group and with him as part of the team, Viper was able to move from doing small gigs to releasing its first album.

Cassio influence on Viper
Cassio Audi contributed a lot to the growth of Viper band when it started out. He has a great energy that he puts in whatever he does. That is the same energy he contributed to the band. The year the band was formed they made two demos, Projeto SP Metal and The Killera Sword, that made them gain popularity as among the leading bands in the heavy metal category. In 1987, they started working on Soldiers of Sunrise, an album that was released in 1992 by Massacre Records in and re-released by Paradoxx Music in 1997.

Cassio finance career
Cassio Audi is a multi-talented person as for over twenty years he has been working in the financial and investment industry. Mr. Audi is one of investment professionals who understand the investment market in Brazil. He comes highly recommended by his clients.

At GVMI, Cassio Audi worked as the Managing Director for three years. Before then, he was the CEO of Rossi Commercial Properties and the Chief Financial Officer at Brookfield Brasil Real Estate Partners Inc. Cassio was also at Procter & Gamble as the Finance Director, the Senior Financial Analyst at Dow Chemical and a Trader at JP Morgan Chase.

Cassio Audi has an MBA in Finance from the Sao Paulo University and Bachelor of Business Administration from Pontifical Catholic University. Mr. Audi has extensive skills in financial planning, management of equities, strategic forecasting among other attractive management skills that make him a very sought after profession.

Find more Cassio Audi on YouTube.

All You Need to Know About Removing Your Junk

Why hire a junk removal service? Why remove your junk at all? The truth is that when your home and room or office is clear and has no clutter, you’ll be happier and will be in a better state of mind. However, some people do it the wrong way by just taking all their stuff and putting it in another area, like a storage room. This doesn’t really take away the problem in the long run. That’s why you should hire a junk removal company such as Clearabee so that they will be able to professionally remove all of your unnecessary junk forever.


How can you find the right rubbish clearance company? The first step is to choose a company like Clearabee that will do it quickly without wasting any time. You also need to know what kind of rubbish clearance and junk you want to remove and whether the company deals with it. Some chemical waste may not be dealt with by all companies. Then, get a company that will give you a quote before starting the job just by looking at your pile of rubbish.


Take Clearabee, for example. They do all sorts of rubbish clearance, from homes to offices to cars to businesses or whatever you really need. They do it quickly, too. You can get same day junk removal with them.


They also operate all over the country. Remember how we said that you should know a company’s pricing before they start? Well, Clearabee has all of their pricing information clearly set out on their website, which anyone can visit.

Check them out: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clearabee


Jose Henrique Borghi Steers Mullen Lowe

The success of ‘Mullen Lowe Agency’ is a result of the able leadership of its proprietor Jose Henrique Borghi. Jose has steered this advertising agency successfully as is attested by the various campaigns the agency has conducted. The ‘Mammals of Parmalat’ is one such campaign. In this campaign children were used, appearing dressed as different mammals.

Education and Work Experience

Jose Henrique Borghi studied advertising at school: PUC Campinas. While at this campus, he learnt propaganda. He graduated with a degree specializing in advertising and propaganda.

Jose got his first job at Standart Ogilvy in 1989. Here, he was able to familiarize himself with the job and all there was to be learnt. Upon amassing experience here, he decided to open his own job thereby passing up opportunities to work for reputable agencies: FCB, DDB and Leo Burnett.

In opening his firm, he joint hands with Erh Ray and tried their luck in the market. With no godfather or ready trust to help them, they ventured none the less. The company they started grew and transformed from being ‘BorghiErh to Borghi Lowe’. This is after the two founders decided to part ways. After a short period, he merged his company with ‘Mullen Group’ to become ‘Mullen Lowe Brasil‘. Jose Henrique Borghi now works as the co-CEO together with Andre Gomes.


Advertising is a great earner and it has great results as well. In his line of work, Jose has been contracted for big jobs. He handled a campaign for Delta Airlines’. He has also worked on other campaigns like Honda and Fiat. Mullen Lowe also handled a ‘Down Syndrome Association’ campaign. Jose has also handled Bunge Group, Unilever, America on Line, Asia Motors and Procter campaigns among other campaigns for multinationals. Click here to know more.


As an appreciation for applying himself in his work, Jose is the recipient of many awards. He won seven ‘London Festival Awards, 11 ‘New York awards’, 10 ‘Clios Awards’ and another 10 ‘The One Show Awards’. Other awards that testify to his celebrity include the 2009 ‘advertiser of the year’ awards.


Eric Lefkofsky: Discovering Ground Breaking Medical Procedures

Eric Lefkofksy is one of the leading innovators in the field of medicinal science. He is one of the founders and CEO of Tempus, a technologically based company that is creating the world’s biggest collection of clinical and molecular data and its own operating system in order to make the data accessible to anyone and useful in the years to come. He went to the University of Michigan to study college, and graduated in 1991. He continued his studies and entered the University of Michigan Law School where he received his Juris Doctor back in the year 1993.

Tempus, a company where Eric Lefkofsky serves as a chief executive officer, focuses on scientific endeavors that would help cancer patients. They managed to categorize their work habits into four main actions: sequencing, analytics, reporting and validation. Sequencing refers to the approach that uses transcriptomic and genomic sequencing inside their laboratories and also uses in-depth machine learning to help physicians around the world understand the tumor of each of their patients. Analytics then allows the physicians to comprehend and extract molecular data, usually coming with clinical data to discover new treatment selections. Finally, they would deliver a comprehensive report and then develop new technologies that allow them to screen appropriate therapies for patients. These approach has helped Tempus become one of the largest medical companies in the world that aims to help cancer patients.

One of Eric Lefkofsky’s known charitable works would be the Lefkofsky Foundation, a charitable trust whose purpose is to support the scientific, educational and charitable organizations worldwide, focusing mainly on children and has managed to reach out to at least 50 organizations ever since. His online presence is considered to be very active; as he welcomes queries especially about his projects and answers them personally. He is also one of those who influenced taking the Olympics back to Chicago, when the city placed its bid to host the 2016 edition of the games. Eric Lefkofsky keeps on sharing his knowledge to the scientific community and hopes to improve the lives of patients in the future.

Ricardo Tosto a Brazilian Lawyer Defense Lawyer

Ricardo Tosto is one of the great entrepreneurs of Brazilian law today. He is an outstanding strategist. He has served at many companies in business litigation, and in a few years grew to be among one of the largest in Brazil. This is how he did it.

He planned and acted in the defense of several people and companies in cases that gained national attention. He has advocated for large Brazilian and multinational groups, for politicians of various ideological shades and for governments. He has also worked pro bono for Non-Governmental Organizations. He knows the limits of his profession and more than once has experienced situations of great stress and tension in the defense of his clients.

He maintains a place of honor in litigation and encourages his team to strive for “good combat”, as they say. It contributed decisively to the creation of laws of great economic importance in Brazil. His work has made him a pioneer in the adoption of several legal mechanisms that came to be transformed into the tools of common use.

He is the leader in the industry. He has trained many of his current associates, who joined the firm as trainees. Mr Tosto directly supervises the conduct of some of the most important causes under the care of the firm and formulates strategies and collects results and when there is doubt. His skills are unsurpassed in litigation defense. Ricardo Tosto on Facebook.

When it comes to education, Tosto knew that he needed to concentrate on getting that education in place first. He attended Harvard University and graduated with his law degree, specializing in defense. It was there that he learned about the numerous opportunities that exist today to help make the world a more just place for everyone. This is his daily goal as he represents his clients in his highest capacity.

Twitter: Twitter.com/ricardotosto01?lang=pt

Leading Insurance Corporation

NexBank Capital, Inc. is a financial service company,headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and founded in 1922. Its business service provisions include mortgage banking, commercial banking and institutional services mainly to financial institutions, and institutional clients. Furthermore, NexBank is devoted to serving the financial and banking needs of middle-market companies, large corporations as well as real estate investors all over the nation. As of 31/3/2017, NexBank is $5.3 billion worth in assets.


Mission and personalized services


NexBank mission is to provide refined and custom-made solutions that are incomparable to its clients by skilled successful experts established and acknowledged through commitment and leadership. This tailored products include attractive pricing, no cash pledge requirement, complimentary products, quick and reliable funding, real-time access system-wide and also non-captive warehouse lines. The bank’s secret of strength lies on its people. Thereby, NexBank focuses on assisting its customers to achieve their financial objectives through a collective demonstration of talents in innovation, insight and initiative. Additional capital resources for existing as well as new lines of credit can also be attained by clients who are proven and qualified.


NexBank provides leading financial abilities to corporate, individual clients and institutions through a combination of focused and experienced decision-making management team led by its chairman, co- founder and president James Dondero. It deals with services of money markets, free checking, home mortgages, deposit certificates, business checking, commercial lending, remote deposits and business loans. It also offers non-investment and investment grade loans agency services. There are more than 60 borrowers throughout 127 multitude industries and tranches that have benefited from NexBank services provision. They include publications, media, health care, pharmaceuticals, plastics, real estate, paper mills, hospitality, oil and gas, transportation and airline. It is an equal housing lender as well as a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.


NexBank Institutional Analysis


In June 2016, NexBank reported a common equity capital raise of $24 million that was completely successful. The profits will be utilized in enhancing the corporate services provided by NexBank, which will result to sustained growth and development. Its proceeds are also donated to the family and officers who are injured or lose their lives while in the line of duty. On 31/3/2016, NexBank was rated as a superior banking institution categorized by very concrete overall, maintainable profitability, mid-range capitalization, a very high measure of asset quality and ample liquidity.

Sleep Guru, Avi Weisfogel Says Sleep Apnea Detrimental To Body

Avi Weisfogel, renown sleep expert and New Jersey dentist, says sleep apnea can affect us in more ways than we originally believed. Sleep apnea syndrome is one the most common conditions, and yet a condition with the most serious consequences. Weisfogel says this sleep disturbance causes oxygen deprivation, which in turn, causes a host of other issues on our organs.


Left untreated, this nighttime breathing disorder can have serious consequences such as high blood pressure, heart attack or stroke. Loud and irregular snoring is often an indication of the presence of sleep apnea, which mostly goes unnoticed.


Sleep apnea results in a lack of oxygen, and leads to an extreme burden on the body. The heart beats faster, blood pressure rises and can cause cardiac arrhythmia. Repeated arousals throughout the night disturb a good night’s rest, and the next day, individuals often suffer from extreme insurmountable fatigue. What has been overlooked, or less talked about are the issues that occur when breathing stops. When breathing stops, distribution of oxygen is halted.


According to Avi Weisfogel, sleep apnea syndrome also contributes to diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease. This in turn increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes. And researchers are linking sleep apnea to Alzheimer’s. Obstructive apnea may cause structural defects in the gray matter of the brain, causing problems with cognitive functions, such as attention and memory. These brain changes are likely caused by the intermittent oxygen deprivation that occurs during the night, as breathing is halted.


A small Italian study of 17 patients with sleep apnea syndrome found15 with reduced gray matter in several key regions of the brain that are associated with abstract thinking. The participants of the sleep apnea group had insufficient scores on memory, attention, executive functions and design capability.


Founder of Dental Sleep Masters and Healthy Heart Sleep, Avi Weisfogel is an nationally recognized sleep expert, committed to educating and supporting professionals and patients. He’s been working in the world of sleep medicine for over a decade, and consults with companies and industry professionals on better sleep health. Weisfogel says his research has been more than just sleep. He is dedicated to helping individuals explore better health, while they feel more rested.


Initially, starting out as a general dentist in 1999, Avi Weisfogel began noticing telltale signs of sleeping issues in his patients, like Bruxism and complaints about dry mouth. This peaked his interest in sleep medicine, and in 2014 he founded Dental Sleep Masters, traveling to industry professionals to train them in analysis and treatment of sleep apnea. Weisfogel has established a number of sleep labs and today, he assists patients and industry professionals on conquering sleep disturbances.

Alexandre Gama Business

Starting a business is never easy. However, a lot of people have that dream to start a company and take control over their lives. Alexandre Gama is an example of someone who has been able to do this at a high level. He is currently an executive at one of the largest advertising agencies in the country. With all of his business success, he still finds time to invest in the lives of others.

Alexandre Gama

From the time he was young, Alexandre Gama has always been excited to help others. Many people today want to have success in business, but few people are willing to work for it. Throughout his entire life, Alexandre Gama has always been willing to work for his goals and dreams. A lot of people today look up to the success that he has been able to have.

Keep reading: http://www.meioemensagem.com.br/home/comunicacao/2016/01/07/alexandre-gama-deixa-cargo-global-na-bbh.html

Future Plans

Alexandre Gama will continue to expand his business in the coming years. He has a lot of opportunities for growth in the online retail space. As more consumers shift their buying habits, he knows that companies must shift how they interact with customers as well. It will be interesting to see what his next goals for his company are.

Head over to Wikipedia to learn more about Alexandre Gama.