Dr. Siegall’s Success

The biotech industry is one of the hottest industries in the world. Thousands of scientific studies are showing that with the right biotech, humanity could be free of all diseases and disorders. One of the leading experts on this is Dr. Clay Siegall. Dr. Siegall has a Ph.D. from the George Washington University.

In 1998, Dr. Siegall founded Seattle Genetics, a biotech firm developing targeted therapy drugs for diseases that haven’t made real advancements in decades. Since then, Dr. Siegall and his company developed the first FDA-approved antibody drug conjugate. Seattle Genetics used that drug to create more than 20 new drugs from the same strain.

Seattle Genetics has become one of the largest players in cancer research. For nearly 20 years, Seattle Genetics has produced dozens of drugs and continue adding to their list every year. Many consider Seattle Genetics the drug development company that will lead the rest of the industry into the 22nd century.

The biggest upside to biotech companies like Dr. Siegall’s is the focus on targeted therapies. The old way of treating an illness is too broad. It’s clear how more effective and efficient targeted drugs are. Dr. Siegall is creating a world with more effective treatments.

Dr. Siegall’s interest in medicine was clear. His path wasn’t always focused on medicine. Originally, he studied zoology. While studying at the University of Maryland, one of his family members became sick. He saw firsthand how devastating their cancer treatment was. The chemotherapy, not cancer, nearly killed them.

From then on, he began looking into other treatments. He noticed that other treatments involved more extreme methods like surgery and amputation. He devoted himself to finding a better way to help those suffering from seemingly deadly diseases.

Unlike other big drug companies, it wasn’t about the money. Money played a part because that’s how the world works. Originally, they were selling their own FDA-approved drugs. His company wasn’t profitable for 10 years. There isn’t a lot of money is drug development when the focus is actually helping people.