Whitney Wolfe Builds a New Age Age Dating App for Busy Singles

Whitney Wolfe is getting a lot of praise for an interesting take on dating apps. She has decided to invent the app that allows people to network and date for free. She is essentially raising the bar for the dating app world. This is a very interesting thing for people that may have been trying to find a way to meet new people without going out to bars or other social scenes.

As a young person, Whitney Wolfe knows the mindset of millennials. She knows that many of them are much more focused on their careers and they have very little time for relationships. It is not that they are not interested in love. It has much more to do with the fact that they have such busy schedules. This gives them very little time to actually meet anyone that may be compatible. That is why Whitney Wolfe made a decision to research the concept of app dating and improve upon it.

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The concept that Whitney Wolfe developed has much to do with the time frame in which people respond to messages. This is where everything becomes different from the standard dating app that is out there. The woman is in charge of the messages that she decides to respond to. This is something that will take place within the course of a 24-hour period. Ladies have the power on Bumble, and that is why so many of women sign up.

Many people are thrilled that Whitney Wolfe took the initiative to do something different than what was considered the norm. She is breaking the mold with her innovative apps, and this appears to just be the beginning for her. Whitney Wolfe is on the fast track to success and people are excited about the Bumble app.