Don Ressler Rebrands JustFab to TechStyle Fashion House

Anyone who knows JustFab then definitely knows about Don Ressler. He is one-third of the company and part of the brains that saw this online fashion house grow to what it is today. JustFab recent rebranded to TechStyle and Don believes the future can only be brighter.

Don Ressler, together with his business partner Adam Goldenberg, launched JustFab around 2010. Having come from a professional background in tech, both co-CEOs knew they had a great marketing tool at their disposal, the internet. JustFab became the first ever online membership shop that brings the trendiest apparels to the client’s doorstep.

Funding this new venture was never a hassle for Don Ressler, who managed to amass over $33 million in investor funding just a year after their launch (in 2011). TechStyle expanded its reach, more investors got interested leading to their win of a second funding of over $76 by a team of angel investors: Rho Ventures, Matrix Partners, and Technology Crossover Venture. Don and Adam were able to chip in as well with proceeds from their initial company Intelligent Beauty.

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By 2013, TechStyle was enjoying an online subscription of over 10 million clients. Don Ressler’s strategy to win was simple; only avail to their subscribers the fashion trends they want and at the time they want it. Joining TechStyle membership requires one to fill in an online form about their fashion industries. And while many other online shops don’t often pay attention to what clients say in these forms, customer feedback is the driving force for TechStyle.

This is why Don Ressler and team are able to release a new fashion line that sells out in months. They never have to deal with obsolete inventory they have to clear off through insane discount sales. Additionally, their membership program is quite flexible in that you can opt out anytime. Giving customers such freedom in shopping and subscription is what puts TechStyle ahead.

Don Ressler’s entrepreneurial expertise stems from his uncanny ability to spot trends and capitalize on them. Together with Adam, they employ an all-inclusive approach to marketing their products, meaning there is someone for everyone at TechStyle. TechStyle has successfully collaborated with the likes of Avril Lavigne and YouTube beauty siblings, Blair and Elle Fowler.

Now TechStyle is leveraging on technology to shape the future of fashion. Don’s resilience to a dynamic fashion industry coupled by his strong business and tech skills is what will push TechStyle to newer heights. They already have disrupted the norm, causing rival fashion houses to re-think their marketing strategies.

Fabletics in 2016 bricks-and-mortar expansion

With strong lucrative online sales under its belt and plans for growth, active wear and accessories manufacturer Fabletics plans the expansion of its retail services through 2016. Kate Hudson’s active wear brand as been advised as seeking to open 75 to 100 stores over the next five years according to Racked.

Fabletics is the brainchild of actress and style trailblazer Kate Hudson and JustFab Inc Co-CEOs, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. The trio saw a gap is the active wear marketplace in 2013 and actively joined forces to create the Fabletics brand. The brand’s mission seeks to inspire wearer to stay active with on-trend designs that are high in quality at an affordable price that seeks to live up to the brand’s motto, ‘Live your passion.’ See:

These new retail opening mean shoppers will be able to try on Fabletics clothing in person and the brand has opened new locations in 2016, one of which is located in the Mall of America. The activewear fashion retailer’s mall of America location opened in early spring 2016, the operation advised with its 40 million annual visitors the Mall of America was a clear choice for the brick-and-mortar location.

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Fabletics is online to gather $250 million in online sales in 2016 and stated that online data plus properties data had been key factors in its decision to expand its bricks-and-mortar operations. Fabletics cited that their customers were seeking a flexible shopping experience where they could get a more personal feel for the athleisure brand. Fabletics is also implementing plans to expand services in its men’s appeal, swimwear and dress brand lines due to the brand’s growing popularity. The premium fashion activewear brand’s range of performance active gear clothing appears to have a bright future in a growing athleisure retail market.