The Fight For Human Rights

When it comes to human right and individual liberties. Thor Halvorssen has found his purpose and passion in life. He is deeply involved in this cause and it has been a part of him his entire life.

Thor was born and grew up in Venezuela. His father was a drug czar with the Venezuelan government. While working there, he stumbled upon some government corruption that was taking place. For his discovery, this man was sent to a Carcus prison and was tortured there. Thor’s mother was a political activist as well. She was participating in an anti-Hugo Chavez demonstration and was shot and wounded. Her shooting was caught on television during a live broadcast. Thor also has a cousin that is currently in a Venezuelan jail for political issues.

Human rights issues have been a part of Thor’s life since he was born. In his adult life, he has become an active participant for the cause. In 2005, he founded the Human Rights Foundation, or HRF, as an outlet to aid in his quest. This foundation is based in New York City and is very vocal. The people involved in this foundation is very small but they are making sure their voices are heard.

When Thor started HRF, this was his opportunity to put his talk into action. He has himself been in the middle of fights for his cause and has the bruises to prove it. He has also been featured in many large publications such as The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Thor has also been on many television stations such as Fox News, CNN, and HBO.

Thor Halvorssen may only be one man but he has dedicated his entire life to human rights and individual liberties. He practices what he preaches and has done all he can to fight against brutal dictatorships. This is a long fight but Thor will be a part of this battle every step of the way.