Thor Halversson Works Hard To  Fight For Human Rights

To Thor Halvorssen, the most important thing he can do is to use his time, money, and talent to fight for the human rights of people who are otherwise oppressed and have a difficult time fighting back. That’s why the 39 year old half- Venezulan half-Norwegian founded the New York based Human Rights Foundation in 2005. Since then he has worked tirelessly fighting for the end of dictatorships and other violators of human rights.

According to the Weekly Standard, Halvorssen is known for burning the candle on both ends, so to speak. Not only is he the leader and founder of this dedicated organizaion, but he also works as a fimmaker, creating documentaries that help to illustrate the lives and struggles that people around the world face.

Halvorssen is not your average do-gooder with a lot of money and time. Instead, he is a man on a mission. He knows first hand what it is like to live under an oppresive regime. He was born and raised in Caracass, Venezula, and experienced numerous hardships during his childhood. When he was young his father was arrested for his political beliefs and his mother was shot by police during an otherwise peaceful demonstration protesting his father’s arrest.

These experinces fuel Halvorssen, which is why he works so hard. One of his current missions involves fighting agaist the North Korean goverment, and his efforts have earned him the nickname “Troublemaker for Tyrants”. He helps to smuggle information out of North Korea by providing dissenters with special flashdrives and a wiki page where they can share their stories and experiences.

Halvorssen and his organization believe that the best way to stop dictatorships is by sharing the stories of the people who are living under them. By getting the word out and exposing these human rights violations, the hope is that organizations with more authority, such as governments and the UN will use their resources to end these human rights violations. In the meantime, Thor Halvorssen and his organizaion will continue to work hard and spread awareness of thier cause until everyone’s human rights are respected. for more .

Thor Halvorssen, Human Rights Activist and Film Producer?

Thor Halvorssen is widely known the world over as one of the most prolific, energetic, passionate and outspoken human rights activists currently living. He was born to Venezuelan parents who suffered greatly under the repressive socialist regime of Hugo Chavez and developed a great political sensitivity and philosophical aptitude at a very young age from these unpleasant and life changing experiences. In 2004 Thor Halvorssen created the Human Rights Foundation, a large-scale nonprofit dedicated to championing the rights of members of closed societies (such as North Korea, ect.) the world over. Mr. Halvorssen, in a public statement described the group as one which would, “-champion the definition of human rights that originally animated the human rights movement, centered on the twin concepts of freedom of self-determination and freedom from tyranny.”

Halvorssen’s organization has been instrumental in bringing light to numerous acts of repression and tyranny, such as the religious persecution of the Buddhists in Vietnam as well as in giving a voice and a platform to those how have escape from the hermit kingdom of Juche North Korea.

However, what most people do not known about Thor Halvorssen is that he also has a long and star-studded career as an executive film producer, focusing primarily on documentaries. Starting in the early 2000s, Halvorssen began producing documentaries such as the 2006 Hammer & Tickler, a feature length film which looked at how humor was used as a tool of political dissent by the repressed majority under the Soviet’s reign. In 2007 Thor received a great deal of attention, both positive and negative, for the controversial film, Indoctrinate U. The film focused on the way certain political ideologies were disseminated through the American public education system and the problems that arose, such as gender studies and critical race theory being forced into STEM and other unrelated fields(in one instance in the film a professor complains that one of his colleges was forced to teach race and gender specific topics in a ornamental horticulture class).

Currently, Mr. Halvorssen is partnering with the well-known Hollywood director, Bryan Singer (of X-Men 2 and The Usual Suspects fame) in a effort to finish a adaptation of the lauded science fiction novel, The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress by R. A. Heinlein, the so called, “Dean of Science Fiction Writers.” for more.