Sleep Guru, Avi Weisfogel Says Sleep Apnea Detrimental To Body

Avi Weisfogel, renown sleep expert and New Jersey dentist, says sleep apnea can affect us in more ways than we originally believed. Sleep apnea syndrome is one the most common conditions, and yet a condition with the most serious consequences. Weisfogel says this sleep disturbance causes oxygen deprivation, which in turn, causes a host of other issues on our organs.


Left untreated, this nighttime breathing disorder can have serious consequences such as high blood pressure, heart attack or stroke. Loud and irregular snoring is often an indication of the presence of sleep apnea, which mostly goes unnoticed.


Sleep apnea results in a lack of oxygen, and leads to an extreme burden on the body. The heart beats faster, blood pressure rises and can cause cardiac arrhythmia. Repeated arousals throughout the night disturb a good night’s rest, and the next day, individuals often suffer from extreme insurmountable fatigue. What has been overlooked, or less talked about are the issues that occur when breathing stops. When breathing stops, distribution of oxygen is halted.


According to Avi Weisfogel, sleep apnea syndrome also contributes to diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease. This in turn increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes. And researchers are linking sleep apnea to Alzheimer’s. Obstructive apnea may cause structural defects in the gray matter of the brain, causing problems with cognitive functions, such as attention and memory. These brain changes are likely caused by the intermittent oxygen deprivation that occurs during the night, as breathing is halted.


A small Italian study of 17 patients with sleep apnea syndrome found15 with reduced gray matter in several key regions of the brain that are associated with abstract thinking. The participants of the sleep apnea group had insufficient scores on memory, attention, executive functions and design capability.


Founder of Dental Sleep Masters and Healthy Heart Sleep, Avi Weisfogel is an nationally recognized sleep expert, committed to educating and supporting professionals and patients. He’s been working in the world of sleep medicine for over a decade, and consults with companies and industry professionals on better sleep health. Weisfogel says his research has been more than just sleep. He is dedicated to helping individuals explore better health, while they feel more rested.


Initially, starting out as a general dentist in 1999, Avi Weisfogel began noticing telltale signs of sleeping issues in his patients, like Bruxism and complaints about dry mouth. This peaked his interest in sleep medicine, and in 2014 he founded Dental Sleep Masters, traveling to industry professionals to train them in analysis and treatment of sleep apnea. Weisfogel has established a number of sleep labs and today, he assists patients and industry professionals on conquering sleep disturbances.