Testimonials from Securus Technologies Clients About their Services

There are many things that are ailing the correctional facility systems in the country. For instance, there was a time when it was close to impossible to contact someone who had been incarcerated. During those times, families used to use thousands of dollars per month to make phone calls. Getting things such as food stuff and other essentials to the people was really complicated and to make matters worse, insecurity levels made it almost impossible to trust that a loved one could make it out of the system. Five years ago however, Securus Technologies got into the scene, and they completely transformed the entire system in the country.


The many happy clients who have been in a position to get the services offered by Securus can attest to the fact that they are the best in their innovation. First, there is the fact that they monitor everything that happens in the correctional facilities which work with them. This helps the facilities to find out if there are criminal activities being planned and manage to intercept harmful substances such as weapons, cell phones and even drugs from getting inside the system. Some jails which have enlisted the help of Securus can confirm that it is one of their best helpers in this aspect.


The other great step that has been taken by Securus is that they have decided to venture into private businesses. They are offering their services to individuals who feel that they need the technological assistance. There are clients who have had issues with unscrupulous employees, and they have managed to tap into their conversations, get incriminating evidence and get them fired from their operations. These and many more are perhaps the reason that Securus has been winning as many awards as they have in the past. With the kind of leadership being offered by Rick Smith and the team at the top, things are bound to get even better for them.



Securus Takes “To Serve And Protect” Seriously

Securus Technologies wants to protect and serve even though it is a third-party telecommunications company. Not many people know that the government needs to reach out to third-party companies in order to execute certain functions. One of these functions is to provide telecommunications services to prisons and jails throughout a particular state. That’s where Securus Technologies comes in.


Securus Technologies is a telecommunications company much the same as Time Warner or Cox are telecommunications companies. The only difference is that Securus Technologies focuses solely on prisons and jails. You wouldn’t want to enlist their services because it would mean you are in jail, but their services are far superior to the competition within the industry.


Not only are the prisoners happy with their services, but law enforcement is also aided by this company. On nearly a weekly basis, Securus Technologies innovates a new product that can help law enforcement do its job. And helping law enforcement is a critical goal of the telecommunications company because it is the right thing to do and it keeps prisoners within the prisons they serve safer.


A recent software technology innovation allows law enforcement officers to listen in on particular phone calls made into a prison. They can listen to phone calls that were made months ago because every single phone call was recorded. This software locks onto a particular person’s voice and brings up every single conversation that particular person was involved with.


This makes it incredibly easy to gather information about a particular suspect within a prison. Information can lead to crime prevention when used properly. Securus Technologies works hand-in-hand with the law enforcement community in order to educate law-enforcement officers on how to use this technology as effectively as possible. The company’s goal is to reduce crime within a prison in order to protect and serve.


Securus Technology is awarded high honor for business excellence

Recently, Securus Technologies executive, Danny De Hoyos, attended a Las Vegas awards ceremony for the 2017 Stevie Awards. Securus made it to the final round, beating out thousands of competitors. This is a great moment for a company which has spent the last ten years developing and implementing one of the most disruptive technologies in the prison communications space, VoIP-based prison telephony and video visitation.


Poor families spared staggering expense

Prior to the advent of video visitation, families had no choice but to get in the car and trek the hundreds of miles to the prison if they wished to visit their loved ones. This often entailed grueling hardships. Take, for example, the case of a real-life family from San Diego. In the mid-90s, their son was convicted of armed robbery. Since it was his first felony, the family was optimistic that he would get far less than the maximum sentence. They were relieved to be right. At sentencing, the judge gave the man ten years with parole eligibility in five. The family was overjoyed, they’re son would likely be out in less than five years, given how the California penal system works.

However, the real shock came when they wanted to go visit him for the first time. They had naively thought that he would be doing time somewhere near where the crime was committed. But, like thousands of inmates across the country, he had been transferred to a prison, San Quentin, over 8 hours away. On their first trip, the family realized that they had made a mistake. They got to see their son for a half hour, but the trip ended up costing over $1000. They were unable to visit their son for the rest of his sentence. He was released in the early 2000s but violated parole and was sent back.