Link Builders Hires Christopher Lyons For His Social Media Expertise

Employees are the foundation for the future of a company. Businesses want to find an individual who is not only an expert in her given field but will also devote herself to the company. The expansion and success of the company needs to be as important to the employees as it is the CEO and the other executives who have played a role in founding the company. Beyond that, companies need an expert in social media who can interact with customers and promote the brand. For these reasons, the online reputation management group known as Link Builders has announced that they are hiring Christopher Lyons as their Social Media Director.

He Understands Competitive Analysis

It might seem counter-intuitive to say that it is not enough to produce and market a good product. Every company needs to be aware of rival products and what their competition is doing. Consumers tend to do research before making a purchase (especially since research is so readily available, just a Google search away). If they see that the competition’s rival product or service is cheaper or has more features, they will opt for the competition. This is one aspect of why Link Builders chose Lyons. He is an expert in competitive analysis. He knows how to scour the market for similar or related products and discern how to upgrade.

Operating Social Media

With the prevalence of social media, new companies are finding that they are on an equal scale with large corporations. That is to say that they have an opportunity to reach millions upon millions of potential customers through these outlets. But it is not as simple as writing a post and sharing it on social media. You need to be able to relate to people and develop ongoing relationships such that they want to continue visiting your page. A social media expert will keep up with the trends and relate her products and services to those trends. Lyons understands these principles and how to implement them.

Link Builder is very excited about their acquisition of Lyons and have very high expectations of him.