Eric Pulier Is Now Turning To Venture Capital As Part Of His IT Career

Eric Pulier has spent much of his career as a software engineer, IT consultant, technology advisor and businessman and now he’s starting to invest in other IT startup companies. He’s now the Chairman of vAtomic Systems, a brand new platform that uses various aspects that you might find in mobile games that could be used in the real world. He’s also currently an advisor to XPrize through the Board of Innovation. XPrize is a science exploration community that awards money to teams that can tackle science and technology challenges. Ideamensch has interviewed many entrepreneurs and they decided to ask Eric Pulier about vAtomic Systems as well as other career choices.


Pulier said he thought of disruptive technologies and how other apps were using them to change various industries. He loves the growing interest in human genome engineering and is also excited about a new economic development called blockchain technology. Pulier loves writing things down throughout the day as he works to bring ideas to life, but most specifically as he’s thinking through the most difficult problems.


Eric Pulier originally grew up in New Jersey before later migrating to Los Angeles. He was an excellent student throughout high school and attended Harvard when he came of age. He graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in American and English literature, though he also completed several courses in computer technology at MIT. The first company Pulier founded was Digital Evolution, later named to US Interactive when it became bought out by the digital media corporation. Pulier also founded Akana, Desktone, Media Platform and ServiceMesh and is the author of Understanding Enterprise SOA.


Pulier has dedicated a lot of time to healthcare, education and environmental studies and has worked with the government and non-profit groups including former President Bill Clinton’s Global Initiative to work on the challenges. Pulier also was responsible for the displays at the Presidential Technology Forum held in celebration of President Clinton’s reelection in 1996. He joined the Starbright World founders in 1998 to build a 3D virtual reality program connected between several hospitals. He’s also a member of the Painted Turtle summer camp board.


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