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NexBank Capital, Inc. is a financial service company,headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and founded in 1922. Its business service provisions include mortgage banking, commercial banking and institutional services mainly to financial institutions, and institutional clients. Furthermore, NexBank is devoted to serving the financial and banking needs of middle-market companies, large corporations as well as real estate investors all over the nation. As of 31/3/2017, NexBank is $5.3 billion worth in assets.


Mission and personalized services


NexBank mission is to provide refined and custom-made solutions that are incomparable to its clients by skilled successful experts established and acknowledged through commitment and leadership. This tailored products include attractive pricing, no cash pledge requirement, complimentary products, quick and reliable funding, real-time access system-wide and also non-captive warehouse lines. The bank’s secret of strength lies on its people. Thereby, NexBank focuses on assisting its customers to achieve their financial objectives through a collective demonstration of talents in innovation, insight and initiative. Additional capital resources for existing as well as new lines of credit can also be attained by clients who are proven and qualified.


NexBank provides leading financial abilities to corporate, individual clients and institutions through a combination of focused and experienced decision-making management team led by its chairman, co- founder and president James Dondero. It deals with services of money markets, free checking, home mortgages, deposit certificates, business checking, commercial lending, remote deposits and business loans. It also offers non-investment and investment grade loans agency services. There are more than 60 borrowers throughout 127 multitude industries and tranches that have benefited from NexBank services provision. They include publications, media, health care, pharmaceuticals, plastics, real estate, paper mills, hospitality, oil and gas, transportation and airline. It is an equal housing lender as well as a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.


NexBank Institutional Analysis


In June 2016, NexBank reported a common equity capital raise of $24 million that was completely successful. The profits will be utilized in enhancing the corporate services provided by NexBank, which will result to sustained growth and development. Its proceeds are also donated to the family and officers who are injured or lose their lives while in the line of duty. On 31/3/2016, NexBank was rated as a superior banking institution categorized by very concrete overall, maintainable profitability, mid-range capitalization, a very high measure of asset quality and ample liquidity.

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