Life Line Screenings can Prevent Catastrophic Health Problems

Dr. Andrew Manganaro, FACS, FAC, and Chief Medical Officer and National Medical Director of Life Line Screening, the largest health screening company worldwide was recently interviewed by Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, by CEOCFO Magazine. The interview, of course, led to what it takes to direct and manage a company this large and remain the best and largest company of its type. Having screened over 8 million people for cardiovascular disease, it says a lot for the management skills needed to operate a firm of this size.

Dr. Manganaro has devoted his career to vascular and cardiovascular disease. Quite often the catastrophic health problems found in patients could have easily been avoided had a screening for vascular, abdominal and other correctable diseases being treated in early stages. Life Line Screening has saved thousands of patients from progressive heart disease that would have ended in fatality if not for the ability to perform lifesaving screenings.

The screening process of LLS, Life Line Screening goes beyond the annual physical of most patients. The screenings are non-invasive and offer the patient results of all tests to take back to their primary care physician. All equipment at LLS is state of the art technology operated by professional medical technicians and physicians.

The ongoing health screening campaign run by LLS offers patients the opportunity to take charge of their lives, has various screenings done and their health analyzed. Most times the screenings made by LLS are not covered by private medical insurance, but the cost for the screenings at Life Line Screening are certainly affordable and lifesaving.

Preventive medicine using ultrasound screening of the carotid arteries and abdominal aorta, plus other screenings does save lives and allows people to live healthier and longer lives. The reason the screenings are so affordable is to offer every person the opportunity for healthier living.


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