Next-Gen NuoDB Could-Technologies

In today’s evolving software markets, the only constant is change. NuoDB is an excellent next-gen company, providing outstanding cloud enabled systems based on proven SQL database technologies. In fact, NuoDB is an established prestigious company, recognized multiple times by Gartner (research and advisory firm) as a niche and innovative SQL compliant organization successfully contending in the cloud space. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, NuoDB was founded in 2008.

NuoDB technologies are what are referred to as SQL-oriented transactional database management systems (DBMS) designed for distributed cloud platforms. Application programs communicate with NuoDB with standard SQL statements, just as they do in a relational database. In fact, NuoDB manages to retain the characteristics of traditional SQL databases, while incorporating features for supporting scale-out processing (by easily adding more servers to the network when required.) Broadly speaking, NuoDB provides three outstanding levels of cloud support: (1) The first way is that NuoDB empowers customers with flexible and scalable database foundations to help them migrate their non-cloud applications into the cloud. (2) The second way is by actually helping clients automate the process of building entirely new cloud based applications. (3) And finally, NuoDB helps clients modernize and enhance their existing legacy cloud applications.

Hence, NuoDB empowers fortune 500 companies to dramatically increase value for their customers. It’s achieved by minimizing application down times, boosting response rates, ensuring reliable availability, and lowering infrastructure costs. NuoDB customers are also pleased by high compliancy with industry mandates. and use of lower cost machines.

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