Testimonials from Securus Technologies Clients About their Services

There are many things that are ailing the correctional facility systems in the country. For instance, there was a time when it was close to impossible to contact someone who had been incarcerated. During those times, families used to use thousands of dollars per month to make phone calls. Getting things such as food stuff and other essentials to the people was really complicated and to make matters worse, insecurity levels made it almost impossible to trust that a loved one could make it out of the system. Five years ago however, Securus Technologies got into the scene, and they completely transformed the entire system in the country.


The many happy clients who have been in a position to get the services offered by Securus can attest to the fact that they are the best in their innovation. First, there is the fact that they monitor everything that happens in the correctional facilities which work with them. This helps the facilities to find out if there are criminal activities being planned and manage to intercept harmful substances such as weapons, cell phones and even drugs from getting inside the system. Some jails which have enlisted the help of Securus can confirm that it is one of their best helpers in this aspect.


The other great step that has been taken by Securus is that they have decided to venture into private businesses. They are offering their services to individuals who feel that they need the technological assistance. There are clients who have had issues with unscrupulous employees, and they have managed to tap into their conversations, get incriminating evidence and get them fired from their operations. These and many more are perhaps the reason that Securus has been winning as many awards as they have in the past. With the kind of leadership being offered by Rick Smith and the team at the top, things are bound to get even better for them.



Highland Capital Management: Remaking the World of Investment Strategies

Highland Capital Management, L.P. is an SEC-registered investment advisor. Highland’s workforce consists of employee partnerships. It is an alternative investment management firm that manages hedge funds, structured investment, and distressed investment funds. Highland with its affiliates has approximately $14.8 billion of assets. Highland was founded in 1993 and is based in Dallas and maintains offices in New York, Sao Paulo, Singapore, and Seoul.


Highland specializes in alternative investments which include emerging markets, long/short equities, and natural resources. Over the past 20 years, Highland’s base is diverse, including pension plans, foundations, endowments, corporations, governments and financial institutions.


Its investment opportunities include energy. The Highland Energy Multi Level Partnership (MLP) Fund provides its investors with both current income and capital appreciation. The MLP’s sponsors are pipeline customers for oil producers.


The Highland Small-Cap Equity Fund (HSZAX) generated a 32% return for its investors on energy stock in 2016. The fund has about $55 million in assets. The Highland Small-Cap Equity Fund, as of the end of 2016, allocated 9% for real estate, 10% for financials, 11% for customer discretionary, 16% for Energy MLP and 25% for health care.


The health care fund addresses the opioid addiction crisis. Collegiums Pharmaceutical Inc. produces a less addictive pain reliever and as such, is a potential sound investment. The manager of the health care sector is very interested in the outcome of clinical trials that are alternatives to the use of opioid. Collegiums Pharmaceutical Inc. developed Tampa ER, a pain reliever drug which is designed to reduce the chances of addiction. Thus, if the sales of Tampa ER increase, Collegiums would be a sound investment. The performances of companies in the other sectors are continually being tracked for investment potentials, such as the multifamily real estate investment trusts and pipeline operators.


The Highland Capital Management Partners functions as an innovation center for grooming entrepreneurs from the start-up stage. At this point, at least 64 companies are being followed by the Highland Capital Partners. Zero FOX protects organizations from the risks of social networking, and Harry’s makes the best razors for the smoothest shave.

Benefits Associated With Buying A Used BMW

If you are like a lot of other people, you’ve probably had your eye on a specific BMW luxury vehicle for a long time, but could not fit the vehicle into your budget. The best option is to buy a used BMW at Beverly Hills Auto Group. There are numerous advantages to buying a used BMW over a new model. Did you know that a new car loses most of its value the moment that you drive it off the lot? It’s true. A used BMW costs less and has a good resale value.


Beverly Hills Auto Group

If you are in the market for the ideal luxury car, look no further than Beverly Hills Auto Group. Beverly Hills Auto Group is an established leader in the used luxury car industry. They have a massive amount of luxury BMWs for you to explore or test drive. Schedule a test drive today at Beverly Hills Auto Group.

Next-Gen NuoDB Could-Technologies

In today’s evolving software markets, the only constant is change. NuoDB is an excellent next-gen company, providing outstanding cloud enabled systems based on proven SQL database technologies. In fact, NuoDB is an established prestigious company, recognized multiple times by Gartner (research and advisory firm) as a niche and innovative SQL compliant organization successfully contending in the cloud space. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, NuoDB was founded in 2008.

NuoDB technologies are what are referred to as SQL-oriented transactional database management systems (DBMS) designed for distributed cloud platforms. Application programs communicate with NuoDB with standard SQL statements, just as they do in a relational database. In fact, NuoDB manages to retain the characteristics of traditional SQL databases, while incorporating features for supporting scale-out processing (by easily adding more servers to the network when required.) Broadly speaking, NuoDB provides three outstanding levels of cloud support: (1) The first way is that NuoDB empowers customers with flexible and scalable database foundations to help them migrate their non-cloud applications into the cloud. (2) The second way is by actually helping clients automate the process of building entirely new cloud based applications. (3) And finally, NuoDB helps clients modernize and enhance their existing legacy cloud applications.

Hence, NuoDB empowers fortune 500 companies to dramatically increase value for their customers. It’s achieved by minimizing application down times, boosting response rates, ensuring reliable availability, and lowering infrastructure costs. NuoDB customers are also pleased by high compliancy with industry mandates. and use of lower cost machines.

Eric Pulier Is Now Turning To Venture Capital As Part Of His IT Career

Eric Pulier has spent much of his career as a software engineer, IT consultant, technology advisor and businessman and now he’s starting to invest in other IT startup companies. He’s now the Chairman of vAtomic Systems, a brand new platform that uses various aspects that you might find in mobile games that could be used in the real world. He’s also currently an advisor to XPrize through the Board of Innovation. XPrize is a science exploration community that awards money to teams that can tackle science and technology challenges. Ideamensch has interviewed many entrepreneurs and they decided to ask Eric Pulier about vAtomic Systems as well as other career choices.


Pulier said he thought of disruptive technologies and how other apps were using them to change various industries. He loves the growing interest in human genome engineering and is also excited about a new economic development called blockchain technology. Pulier loves writing things down throughout the day as he works to bring ideas to life, but most specifically as he’s thinking through the most difficult problems.


Eric Pulier originally grew up in New Jersey before later migrating to Los Angeles. He was an excellent student throughout high school and attended Harvard when he came of age. He graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in American and English literature, though he also completed several courses in computer technology at MIT. The first company Pulier founded was Digital Evolution, later named to US Interactive when it became bought out by the digital media corporation. Pulier also founded Akana, Desktone, Media Platform and ServiceMesh and is the author of Understanding Enterprise SOA.


Pulier has dedicated a lot of time to healthcare, education and environmental studies and has worked with the government and non-profit groups including former President Bill Clinton’s Global Initiative to work on the challenges. Pulier also was responsible for the displays at the Presidential Technology Forum held in celebration of President Clinton’s reelection in 1996. He joined the Starbright World founders in 1998 to build a 3D virtual reality program connected between several hospitals. He’s also a member of the Painted Turtle summer camp board.


Todd Lubar – An Insight into the Man Behind the Name

Todd Lubar is a common and popular name among real estate originators. He is also an intelligent person recognized highly in his social and professional circles. But who exactly is Todd Lubar? Here is a brief insight into the man behind the name.

A Warm Personality

To his family, Todd Lubar is a loving husband and father; he describes his two daughters as they joy of his life. He is a family man who prefers to spend time with his family when he is not working. He resides with his family in the quiet suburbs of Bethesda.

A Brilliant Childhood

Todd Lubar has always had a brilliant mind, so it is no surprise that he schooled at some of the best schools. He received his highschool education at Sidwell Friends School and The Peddie School, both of which are ranked among the most prestigious high-schools in the nation.His good performance in high school gained him acceptance at Syracuse University in New York, where he studied Speech Communication and graduated with a B.A. in 1995.

A Remarkable Mortgage Originator

Todd Lubar is a smart investor who has a stake in many assets. However, his expertise lies in the booming real estate industry, and he has made quite an enviable reputation for himself.

Todd Lubar ventured into real estate shortly after graduating from Syracuse University in New York. His first employer was Crestar Mortgage Corporation, a major company with a huge stake in real estate. The company’s dominance in the industry exposed him to a lot of experience, and his appointment as a loan originator paved the way for his present career.Today, Todd Lubar is ranked among the leading 25 mortgage originators in the U.S.A.

In an article on Hackronym, Lubar also worked for other companies before venturing out on his own. Notably, he worked for Legacy Financial Group as an operations manager for its Maryland office. This was his opportunity to show his expertise in conservative mortgage banking as he grew the office’s annual loan volume to over $100 million during his tenure there. In addition to developing his reputation, Legacy Financial Group further exposed Todd to more experience and motivated him to venture out on his own.

Today, Todd Lubar runs his investment company, TDL Ventures, which is posing a competitive challenge to former employers.However, as mentioned, Todd Lubar is a smart investor with diverse assets. In particular, he has invested in the vital sector of recycling as one of his goals is to contribute towards making the world a better place. He also owns a nightclub and is keen on commercial demolition.

See more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/todd-lubar-a3330565

Bruno Fagali: Choosing A Good Attorney For Advice

Are you facing a tough legal situation and need an expert who can help you handle it appropriately?

Going through legal issues can be frustrating for most people. That is why it is always advisable to advice from a reputable lawyer.

Bruno Fagali is a renowned Brazilian attorney and he can help you with your business or personal legal issue. Bruno Fagali is well known in the Brazilian legal community due to his great expertise in his field.

As an experienced Brazilian attorney, Bruno Fagali provides legal solutions to clients throughout Brazil and maintains a popular law firm.

Getting a good lawyer should not be a daunting task. You simply need to find someone who has a great reputation among clients and peers.

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Once you have a good attorney by your side, you can be sure that you will get the best possible advice or representation in your legal matter.

Bruno Fagali takes the time to find out what the client’s expectations are and then takes the necessary steps to address the case appropriately. Bruno Fagali works hard for his clients and he can guide you properly, no matter how tough the situation may be.

Click here to learn more about Bruno Fagali.

Achievements of the Leading Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon from Canada: Dr. Clokie Cameron

Dr. Clokie Cameron is an award-winning maxillofacial surgeon originally from Toronto, Canada. He’s done more to grow the surgical world than arguably any other specialist in this particular field. His experience in the realm spans back an impressive three decades and still going strong. His bright career is decorated with over two dozen unique patents and trademark procedures to his name. According to inducebiologics.com, some copyright applications are still outstanding and in the process of getting verified by the patent authorities. Above all else, this physician likes to write medical journals for both his local and global fan base. His writings are mostly focused on regenerating tissue technology and on orthopedic advances. In 1988, he was fortunate to be appointed as the Head of the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery department at the University at the prestigious university of Toronto. he holds on to that coveted spot until his retirement this year.

Tissue Regenerative Technology

There’s one post which contains the input of Dr. Cameron Clokie. The article makes a strange revelation about a middle-aged man whose jaw line suddenly grew up to seven centimeters. In a surprising twist of events, the guy referred to as Mr. Peter Russel is said to have regenerated the bone which got amputated some years back owing to a tumor on his lower jaw. But, as the reader learns, it was not an accident rather, Russel had been part of a scientific research and experiment for finding new solutions to amputated bone tissue. The team was led by none other than the Canadian, Clokie Cameron at https://ca.linkedin.com/in/dr-cameron-clokie-136991109.

What Next?

Peter, is, in fact, one of eight lucky patients who has benefited from the creative therapy. The treatment confers its positive outcomes as a result of the catalyzed reaction which causes the adult stem cells to fuse with the protein molecules and form new bone tissue. The ground-breaking research on dentevents.com took place at the acclaimed Mount Sinai and Toronto General Hospitals. The primary reason scientists tirelessly to come up with this innovative treatment was that the alternative option was one, very painful and two, it was not always efficient in blending new tissue to existing cells. At times, the graft tissue used to get rejected by the host and this would, in turn, open up a Pandora of adverse outcomes to the patients.

Tony Petrello The Successful Business Leader Funding Research On Infants Conditions Affecting The Brain

Anthony Petrello famously known as Tony is a successful corporate leader who has succeeded in the energy sector business. Tony Petrello attended Harvard University and Yale University where he got a Masters in Mathematics. He has worked for many companies across the world, but he is currently the COO of Nabors Industries Ltd.

Tony has worked for Nabors for over twenty years serving in different positions. His role as the company’s COO began in 1991 and he has diligently delivered excellent services to the industry, the company’s success can largely be attributed to his efforts. For being committed to his responsibilities at the company, he was named as the company President in 1992 and he was promoted to the position of the firm’s deputy chairman in2003.

Before joining Nabors, Tony Petrello worked for Baker & McKenzie a renowned law firm he held the position of a managing partner. He has also been a director at the Texas Children Hospital that focuses on illnesses that affect infants. Tony experience in business leadership has made him one of the reputable business heads in the world, and he is on the list of the highly paid company executives in the energy sector. He has very excellent skills in mathematics, and he does almost everything in a mathematical way.

Tony Petrello success has been achieved through determination and hard work, and he is very philanthropic together with his wife, Cynthia Petrello. Tony with his wife has a daughter who is living with Periventricular Leukomalacia a condition that affects the brain of a baby due to lack of oxygen. Their daughter is called Carena, and her condition has been very trying for the family, but they have picked the challenge, and they have contributed their money to the Texas Children Hospital to help neurologists in research on conditions that affect kids at birth.

The L.A. Kabbalah Centre is Located Conveniently for Those Celebrities who Practice Kabbalah

The ancient belief of Kabbalah has been practiced since the Jewish population was formed in Israel over 5,000 years ago, but Kabbalah is not a religion. It is a spiritual mysticism, which has had a second awakening since the first Kabbalah Centre was founded in Israel by Rav Ashtag. Up until this point, the study of Kabbalah was only shared by the high priests and rabbis of the Jewish religion. When the Kabbalah Centre was opened in 1922, it allowed anyone to study and pursue the principles for their lives.

Now, almost a century later, there are many movie stars in Hollywood who are finding satisfaction and joy from participating in this spiritualism. Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Madonna, Brittany Spears, and Paris Hilton are only a few who have found strength in the practical principles of Kabbalah.

Kabbalah is not a religion; it is a study of the ancient principles that have improved peoples lives for centuries. Madonna says that she feels a release of 80 percent of the chaos and stress that is in her life, and many say that they find joy when they go to the Los Angeles Kabbalah Centre on a regular basis.

The Kabbalah Centres today are a place where students can get instruction on Kabbalah principles and learn how to use them in their lives. The Centres are also a place of fellowship where students come together for coffee or dinners that are held regularly. One of the most important parts of following Kabbalah is being a part of volunteer days to help those less fortunate than yourself in the communities. This practice also teaches the student the power of giving into another’s life.

The Los Angeles Kabbalah Centre is the central Kabbalah Centre for all of the Centres around the world, and an online Kabbalah Centre is streaming 24 hours a day from L.A. I