The Continued Success of Securus Technologies

Technology is something that is changing our everyday life. There are many different aspects of life that are affected on a regular basis by new technologies. Many may not think of the needs of inmates, however, there are technologies that are now helping inmates have a better quality of life as well. The communication needs of inmates are constantly changing with the new technologies that are available. Securus is a company that has taken the needs of these inmates into account and created a great business around them. However, just like any company, there can be times where security can be breached.
An anonymous hacker who believes Securus is violating the rights of inmates has recently hacked the Securus system and according to PR Newwire obtained nearly 70 million phone records. These records include calls that have been placed in over 37 different states. This hacker has also provided downloadable links to these different recorded calls. These calls all took place between 2011 and 2014. However, Securus Technologies believes that this blanket recording is in place to protect both inmates and their loved ones.

Securus America Technologies has been pushing forward to bring better communication to incarcerated individuals for years. Video visitation is a technology that Securus has been working to perfect for quite some time now. Securus has now developed an app that is available on all mobile devices for remote video visitation. sees this to make it much easier for inmates to connect with those who they love on the outside. They are now able to see life events that are going on during their stay in prison. This new technology is really changing the lives of inmates and their loved ones on the outside.

Securus is pushing forward to a future that will be better than ever for inmates. Securus Technologies understands their important role when it comes to helping inmates have a better quality of life. Securus offers not only calling and video services but also email services. Securus has recently offered new texting services as well. The future holds great things for Securus as a company and the inmates that they are helping. It will be very exciting to see what new technologies that Securus will come out with in the coming years.

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  1. The hacker claims that they are uncovering the massive blanket recording of all phone calls in which they find to be unconstitutional. Securus continues to be the leader in the world of inmate communications and most likely will for years to come. It’s time for service essays to use what they can to do the needful too.

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