The Word on the Street is that Honey Birdette is Coming to Your Town

Taking the lingerie industry by storm, Honey Birdette presents an upscale delicacy, for consumers to make patronage in various provocative apparel that can demonstrate seduction with a hint of class for the modern-day woman. Now, Honey Birdette is taking it to the next level by supplying access to a new group of consumers in the United States. This selected customer group can purchase from an arrange selection of lingerie on the new US adaptation of the Honey Birdette website. The reason for Honey Birdette taking this leap of faith was due to shocking 374% escalation in the US online transactions in a year.

Established by Eloise Monaghan in 2006 in Brisbane, Australia, she has created a business that focuses on customer satisfaction. For Honey, Birdette is determined to expand the horizons of their business by producing up to 40 stores by 2018. Honey Birdette is keeping their eyes on the prize, making it an objective for countries around the world to know who they are. Honey Birdette is just not any ordinary lingerie boutique; they also dabble in adult toys. Understanding the meaning of ecstasy, Honey Birdette attracts customers with a knowledge of indulgence for you and your partner.

Tenacity and precision are what Honey Birdette will bring to customers whether you are purchasing from one of their stores in Australia and the United Kingdom or carousing online. Honey Birdette is innovative in designing lingerie that can caress the curves of a woman and display a tantalizing fantasy of pleasure for her and her lover.

Catch more Honey Birdette on YouTube.

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